Are you looking for that one website that has an abundance of chemistry knowledge?  Well, I came across www.endmemo.com/chem/ and it is filled with all types of chemistry information.

     One feature of this website is its multiple calculators to aid you with your chemistry problem solving skills.  Whether it's common calculations for determining dilution concentrations, the molar mass of a compound, the ABC gas laws, radioactive decay, or free fatty acid percentage to name a few, then there is a calculator for that.  Another key feature is the multiple tables of chemical information.  For example, a complete list of acids, bases, and oxides with names and formulas is provided as a link.  If you need to quickly look up the density of gold, brass, or even ethylene glycol then they can easily be found by using the density lookup link.  The melting points of various substances as well as the specific heat of various materials can also be found. Follow the link above to see the complete list and be sure to bookmark it for future reference.

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lowell Thomson | Thu, 02/06/2014 - 07:29


Thank you for sharing this link. I just tweeted it to my students, and I'll be finding time to go through some of the information with my year 1 DP students, as we're in the middle of studying periodic properties.

This looks like a promising resource. I'll try to revisit with some thoughts after we use it in class.