Website to Create Virtual Activities - flippity

Some of the options the website offers

The website provides teachers and students the ability to take a Google Sheet and turn it into a wide variation of activities. I have been trying to create different types of assessments and activities for students to complete online. Once a student puts the information into a Google Sheet, the content can easily be transferred into manipulatives, a quiz show, flashcards, a board game, scavenger hunt, a crossword puzzle and more. I am beginning a unit on naming and formula writing which requires much practice and repetition. Due to the need to teach virtually this year, I am asking students to create an activity that shows their understanding of the content using the flippity website. Activities will be shared on our learning management system and tested out by other students in the class. Having multiple student created activities will provide more opportunities for practice, which will be helpful in the remote setting.

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Sunday, November 22, 2020