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ChemEd X Subscriptions

Individual subscription, four-year college, university faculty and staff
Individual subscription, two-year college, faculty and staff
Individual subscription, pre-college faculty and staff
Individual subscription, student
Individual subscription, other
Institutional subscription, four-year college, university
Institutional subscription, two-year college
Institutional subscription, pre-college
Institutional subscription, other

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About ChemEd X Subscriptions

A subscription to ChemEd X provides critical support to sustain ChemEd X. Additionally, subscribers gain access to premium content such as our video library.

Subscriptions to ChemEd X are offered on an annual basis. No multiple-year subscriptions are available.

Individual subscriptions and Institutional subscriptions are available. An institutional subscription provides subscriber access to an entire institution using IP numbers of the institution's network for authentication. All members of the institution can access ChemEd X subscriber-only content if using their institution's network or by proxy through the network (e.g., using VPN).