ChemEd X Call for Contributions

Chemical Education Xchange is requesting chemistry educators as well as others working in the discipline to submit ideas, articles, activities and laboratories for publication.

Consider contributing your ideas, activities, labs, articles and/or resources. The list below is just a beginning of the possible ideas for topics.

  • Next Generation Science Standards
  • STEM education
  • Inquiry education
  • Modern & Relevant Applications
  • Summative & Formative Assessment
  • Links to other curricular areas
  • AP Chemistry
  • Technology Use

Registered users of Chemical Education Xchange may contribute manuscripts for review. If you wish to contribute to ChemEd X, please register an account and then use the contribution form to submit your manuscript.

Please also refer to the ChemEd X Contribution Guidelines when preparing your contribution.

Still need advice? We can use this forum to answer questions, so feel free to leave a comment (you need to create an account to do so). We are here to guide you in completing your manuscript and preparing it for publication.