About Chemical Education Xchange

Chemical Educational Xchange (ChemEd X) is the new name for the former web site of the Journal of Chemical Education.

In 2010, the Division of Chemical Education, Inc. partnered with ACS Publications to co-publish the Journal of Chemical Education. As part of this co-publication agreement, the Journal was transferred to the ACS Publications web site. Because not all JCE published content was subject to the co-publication agreement, however—and due to continued demand for it—we established ChemEd X.

A major emphasis of ChemEd X is to better serve our precollege and two-year college audiences for whom the journal may not be a central resource. We strive to deliver content that is more accessible to this audience while at the same time adhering to the scholarly principles of peer review and assessment of contributions.

ChemEd X is built upon a modern, interactive web platform. The process of migrating content from the former site to this new platform is ongoing. In the meantime, we are making every effort to ensure that you are redirected to new content and that the links to the legacy content are viable.