Design of chemical thinking-based learning

Publications about the design of chemical thinking-based learning

The development of a learning progression to describe likely pathways in the evolution of students' chemical thinking is critical to designing formative assessments to best understand and advance students' chemical thinking.  It is equally critical to map this progression to the practices that experience science teachers use in their science classrooms.  Relevant publications about these topics are below.  

A design-based process to characterize experienced science teachers’ formative assessment enactment
Sevian, H., & Dini, V. (2019). A design-based process in characterizing experienced teachers’ formative assessment enactment in science classrooms. In E. McLoughlin, O. Finlayson, S. Erduran, & P. Childs (Eds.) Building research and practice in science education: Selected papers from the ESERA 2017 conference, pp. 325-337. Dordrecht: Springer.

The Chemical Thinking Learning Progression framework
Sevian, H. & Talanquer, T. (2014). Rethinking chemistry: A learning progression on chemical thinking. Chemistry Education Research and Practice, 15(1), 10-23.


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