Gas Laws with Daniel Radoff

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Gas Laws are an essential and easily accessible area of chemistry to understand. They can be an excellent foothold into the inner workings of chemistry. On December 9th, 2021, Daniel Radoff shared his unit covering gas laws in this ChemBasics Talk. You can view a recording of his presentation and access materials he has suggested including introductory and discovery activities, demonstrations, practice problems, his favorite online teaching resources and more. This content was shared with the new teacher in mind but experienced teachers will find it helpful as well. 

After the presentation, participants met in their choice of breakout rooms. This collaborative time is what makes a meeting like this much different than a typical webinar. It is a valuable opportunity to connect with other teachers and find and share new resources. To encourage sharing, this portion of the meeting is not recorded but teachers that attended the ChemBasics Talk have access to notes and links shared. 


Gas Laws with Daniel Radoff

ChemEd X ChemBasics Talk Recording: Edited video of Daniel's ChemBasics Talk - Gas Laws, ChemEd X Vimeo Channel (12/14/2021)


Access to Shared Materials 

ChemBasics Gas Laws presentation slide deck - Links to all of the resources shared by Daniel can be found within this slide deck.

During the breakout rooms, one of the participants recommended a Scientific American article: In and Out: Demonstrating Boyle's Law


Some ChemEd X content linked to gas laws

Using an Argument-Driven Inquiry framework for student exploration of gas laws - Lowell Thomson

Lowell Thomson talks about how he addressed gas laws using Atomsmith Classroom Online as an investigative tool in place of lab work. 

Gas Laws and Deflategate - Ben Meacham

If you are looking for ideas to create an authentic opportunity for students to apply their knowledge of gas laws while integrating some of the most important science practices, then this activity may fit your needs.

The Gas Laws Are Out of This World! - Tom Kuntzleman

A weather balloon was launched during summer science camp. The balloon reached an altitude of 30 km (100,000 ft)! Among other things, this project ended up being a great way to teach campers about the gas laws and how atmospheric pressure decreases with altitude. 

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About Daniel

Daniel grew up in Tennessee, went to Miami University for college, Columbia University for his doctorate in Biochemistry, and worked at Weill Cornell Medical College as a postdoctoral researcher before joining the faculty of Saint Ann’s School in Brooklyn in 2014. He also is an adjunct professor at New York University, The Cooper Union, and New Jersey Institute of Technology. He and his husband live in Newark, NJ. 

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