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Chemists Celebrate Earth Day—Our Earth: Handle with Care!

The April 2013 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education is now available online [http://pubs.acs.org/toc/jceda8/90/4]. This latest issue of JCE plus the content of all past issues, volumes 1 through 90, are available at http://pubs.acs.org/jchemeduc.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Chemists Celebrate Earth Day, an ACS annual event that seeks to bring international focus to environmental causes, such as clean air, water, and energy, to illustrate the positive role chemistry plays in preserving Earth. The 2013 theme—Our Earth: Handle with Care!—features the general topics of water, air, recycling, and plants and soil.Articles on environmental and green chemistry throughout the April issue can help you make the most of this annual celebration.

Learning Chemistry for an Exciting (and Uncertain) Future by Catherine H. Middlecamp

Developing and Implementing an Interdisciplinary Air Pollution Workshop To Reach and Engage Rural High School Students in Science
 by Alena Kubátová and Daphne E. Pedersen

Green Chemistry

Green Goggles: Designing and Teaching a General Chemistry Course to Nonmajors Using a Green Chemistry Approach
 by Sarah Prescott

Green Chemistry and Sustainability: An Undergraduate Course for Science and Nonscience Majors
 by Erin M. Gross

Holistic Metrics for Assessment of the Greenness of Chemical Reactions in the Context of Chemical Education 
by M. Gabriela T. C. Ribeiro and Adélio A. S. C. Machado

Energy & Fuels

Sustainable Mobility, Future Fuels, and the Periodic Table 
by Timothy J. Wallington, James E. Anderson, Donald J. Siegel, Michael A. Tamor, Sherry A. Mueller, Sandra L. Winkler, and Ole J. Nielsen

Comparing the Energy Content of Batteries, Fuels, and Materials
by Nitash P. Balsara and John Newman

Modeling the Lithium Ion Battery
 by John Summerfield

Environmental Chemistry Laboratories

The Hazardous-Drums Project: A Multiweek Laboratory Exercise for General Chemistry Involving Environmental, Quality Control, and Cost Evaluation
 by David Hayes and Bozena Widanski

Toxicity of Nanoparticles to Brine Shrimp: An Introduction to Nanotoxicity and Interdisciplinary Science by
 Melissa A. Maurer-Jones, Sara A. Love, Sharon Meierhofer, Bryce J. Marquis, Zhen Liu, and Christy L. Haynes

Utilizing Polymer-Coated Vials To Illustrate the Fugacity and Bioavailability of Chlorinated Pesticide Residues in Contaminated Soils 
by Natasha A. Andrade, Laura L. McConnell, Alba Torrents, and Cathleen J. Hapeman

Liquid–Liquid Extraction of Insecticides from Juice: An Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Experiment
 by Samantha A. Radford, Ronald E. Hunter, Jr., Dana Boyd Barr, and P. Barry Ryan

Determination of Mercury in Fish: A Low-Cost Implementation of Cold-Vapor Atomic Absorbance for the Undergraduate Environmental Chemistry Laboratory 
by Brian K. Niece and James F. Hauri

Determining the Effect of Environmental Conditions on Iron Corrosion by Atomic Absorption 
by Esteban Malel and Deborah E. Shalev

A Laboratory Experiment To Measure Henry’s Law Constants of Volatile Organic Compounds with a Bubble Column and a Gas Chromatography Flame Ionization Detector (GC-FID) by Shan-Hu Lee, Souptik Mukherjee, Brittany Brewer, Raphael Ryan, Huan Yu, and Mahinda Gangoda

 ConfChem: Green and Sustainable Chemistry

ConfChem online conferences are free, open to the public, and run by the ACS DivCHED Committee on Computers in Chemical Education (CCCE; The spring 2010 ConfChem conference discussed Green and Sustainable Chemistry and eight communications in this issue showcase a variety of case-based learning initiatives in chemical education that have been developed through the National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science (NCCSTS).


Commentaries on Undergraduate Education

Revision of the ACS Guidelines for Bachelor’s Degree Programs 
by Anne B. McCoy and Ron W. Darbeau

Developing and Implementing a Collaborative Teaching Innovation in Introductory Chemistry from the Perspective of an Undergraduate Student
 by Kristina Klara, Ning Hou, Allison Lawman, and Li-Qiong Wang


Chemical Education Research on POGIL

Implementing Process-Oriented, Guided-Inquiry Learning for the First Time: Adaptations and Short-Term Impacts on Students’ Attitude and Performance by Anthony Chase, Deblina Pakhira, and Marilyne Stains


From the Archives:

To further celebrate Earth Day 2013— Our Earth: Handle with Care—you can enjoy access to a collection of previously published articles, hands-on experiments, and demonstrations from the Journal of Chemical Education on the topics of water, air, plants & soil, and recycling available at http://pubs.acs.org/page/jceda8/earthday2013.html.


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