JCE 91.12—December 2014 Issue Highlights

Journal of Chemical Education December 2015

Celebrating the International Year of Crystallography

The December 2014 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education is now available  to subscribers. The December issue includes content on: crystallography, assessment, career development for undergraduates, problem solving in organic chemistry, and teaching physical chemistry. This latest issue of JCE plus the content of all past issues, volumes 1 through 91, are .


Norbert Pienta, Editor-in-Chief, reviews and highlights content in of the Journal of Chemical Education.

Crystals and Crystallography


The International Year of Crystallography highlights the role that crystallography and structural analysis have played in many fields, including chemistry, physics, biology, and mineralogy, and throughout 2014 and beyond, the crystallographic community has organized events to engage the public in understanding crystallography and its importance. The cover features a selection of competition-winning crystals of copper sulfate pentahydrate grown by students as described in by Ilia A. Guzei. Offering a historical perspective for understanding crystallography and its importance, Simona Galli discusses the fundamental contributions of X-ray crystallography made during the last century in chemistry, physics, and medicine in .

Exploring Gold Chemistry

~Helgard G. Raubenheimer and Hubert Schmidbaur

Understanding Structure

~Leo J. Small, Steven Wolf, and Erik D. Spoerke

~Leslie Glasser

~John P. Graham

Reform in General Chemistry

~Scott E. Lewis


~ Daniel T. Pyburn, Samuel Pazicni, Victor A. Benassi, and Elizabeth M. Tappin

~Daniel R. Zuidema and Kevin J. Eames

~Elizabeth K. Haro and Luis S. Haro

~Brian P. Coppola and Jason K. Pontrello

Career Development for Undergraduates

~Valerie K. Tucci, Abby R. O’Connor, and Lynn M. Bradley

~Sarah A.M. Windsor, Kerry Rutter, David B. McKay, and Noel Meyers

~Justin D. Fair, Elyse M. Kleist, and Dylan M. Stoy

~Peter J. Alaimo, Joseph M. Langenhan, and Ian T. Suydam

Problem Solving in Organic Chemistry

~Laurie L. Kurth and Mark J. Kurth

~Chris P. Schaller, Kate J. Graham, and T. Nicholas Jones

~Margaret Murdock, R. W. Holman, Tyler Slade, Shelley L. D. Clark, and Kenneth J. Rodnick

Teaching Physical Chemistry

~José Nunes da Silva Júnior, Mary Anne Sousa Lima, Eduardo Henrique Silva Sousa, Francisco Serra Oliveira Alexandre, and Antonio José Melo Leite Júnior

~Jonathan Piard

~M. J. Perri and S. H. Weber

~Guillaume Jeanmairet, Nicolas Levy, Maximilien Levesque, and Daniel Borgis

~Kyle A. Baseden and Jesse W. Tye

~Alexandre L. Magalhães

~Lionel M. Raff

In the Laboratory

Physical Chemistry

~Roger Barth and Michael J. Moran

~Hernán A. Ritacco, Juan C. Fortunatti, Walter Devoto, Eugenio Fernández-Miconi, Claudia Dominguez, and Miguel D. Sanchez

~Richard V. Prigodich

Computational Chemistry

~Birgit Albrecht

~E. Ramsey Frey, Andrzej Sygula, and Nathan I. Hammer

~Anna M. Fedor and Megan J. Toda


~Aljoša Bavec

~Gunnar Schwarz, Stefanie Ickert, Nina Wegner, Andreas Nehring, Sebastian Beck, Ruediger Tiemann, and Michael W. Linscheid

~Linda S. Brunauer, Katelyn E. Caslavka, and Karinne Van Groningen

Building Instrumentation

~Jorge Delgado, Iraís A. Quintero-Ortega, and Arturo Vega-Gonzalez

~Guillaume Bussière, Robin Stoodley, Kano Yajima, Abhimanyu Bagai, Aleksandra K. Popowich, and Nicholas E. Matthews

It’s a Jolly Holiday with 91 Years of Chemistry

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