JCE 92.01—January 2015 Issue Highlights

Journal of Chemical Education January 2015 Cover

A New Year with a New Volume of Resources

The January 2015 issue marks the start of the 92nd volume of the Journal of Chemical Education and is now available . This issue features colorful chemistry; using stories and writing to learn; demystifying chemistry literature; cost-effective activities and materials; experimenting with chromatography and natural products. 

Colorful Chemistry


In , Christopher R. Shugrue, Hans H. Mentzen, II, and Brian R. Linton describe a discovery chemistry laboratory for introductory organic chemistry students to investigate the concepts of polarity, miscibility, solubility, and density. The simple procedure takes advantage of the solubility of two colored dyes in a series of solvents or solvent mixtures.

Other articles in the issue that explore color and chemistry include:

~ Margaret L. Raydo, Megan S. Church, Zane W. Taylor, Christopher E. Taylor, and Amy M. Danowitz

~ Marc Stuckey and Ingo Eilks

~ Angela Martins and Nelson Nunes

~ Olivier Morizot, Eric Audureau, Jean-Yves Briend, Gaetan Hagel, and Florence Boulc’h

~ Hannah E. Mayhew, Kristen A. Frano, Shelley A. Svoboda, and Kristin L. Wustholz

Editorial & Commentary

Norbert Pienta, Editor-in-Chief, discusses .

Vicente Talanquer examines and highlights five critical shifts in students’ implicit schemas that should be fostered to support mastery of major threshold concepts in chemistry.

Using Stories and Writing to Learn

~ Carla Morais

~ Jason E. Dowd, Christopher P. Roy, Robert J. Thompson, Jr., and Julie A. Reynolds

~ Laura E. Pence and Harry E. Pence

 ~ Maged Henary, Eric A. Owens, and Joseph G. Tawney

 ~ Jennifer L. Logan, Rosalynn Quiñones, and Deborah P. Sunderland

Demystifying Chemistry Literature

 ~ Margaret Bruehl, Denise Pan, and Ignacio J. Ferrer-Vinent

~ Brian J. Stockman

~ Kate J. Graham, Chris P. Schaller, and T. Nicholas Jones

Cost-Effective Activities and Materials

~ T. A. Davis, S. L. Athey, M. L. Vandevender, C. L. Crihfield, C. C. E. Kolanko, S. Shao, M. C. G. Ellington, J. K. Dicks, J. S. Carver, and L. A. Holland

~ Henson L. Lee Yu, Perfecto N. Domingo, Jr., Elliard Roswell S. Yanza, and Armando M. Guidote, Jr.

~ Armando M. Guidote, Jr., Giselle Mae M. Pacot, and Paul M. Cabacungan

~ Tingting Cao, Qing Zhang, and Jonathan E. Thompson

~ Robert C. Massé and James B. Gerken

~ Morgan A. Turano, Cinzia Lobuono, and Louis J. Kirschenbaum

~ Neil D. Danielson and Alex P. Danielson

Exploring Chromatography

~ Kelli R. Galloway, Stacey Lowery Bretz, and Michael Novak

~ Alice M. Dias and Maria La Salete Ferreira

~ Birte Johanne Sjursnes, Lise Kvittingen, and Rudolf Schmid

Natural Products Laboratories

 ~ Graeme R. A. Wyllie

~ Sayo O. Fakayode

~ Eric Davis, Ken Cheung, Steve Pauls, Jonathan Dick, Elijah Roth, Nicole Zalewski, Christopher Veldhuizen, and Joel Coeler

~ Sarah L. Garvey, Golbon Shahmohammadi, Derek R. McLain, and Mark L. Dietz

~ Andrew S. Koch, Clio A. Chimento, Allison N. Berg, Farah D. Mughal, Jean-Paul Spencer, Douglas E. Hovland, Bessie Mbadugha, Allan K. Hovland, and Leah R. Eller

~ Jonathan M. Withey and Andrea Bajic

~ Fady Nahra and Olivier Riant

Research & Reform

~ Virginia J. Flood, François G. Amar, Ricardo Nemirovsky, Benedikt W. Harrer, Mitchell R. M. Bruce, and Michael C. Wittmann

~ Kimberly J. Linenberger and Thomas A. Holme

~ Tanya Gupta, K. A. Burke, Akash Mehta, and Thomas J. Greenbowe

 ~ Justin H. Carmel, Yasmin Jessa, and Ellen J. Yezierski

From the Archives: Opera and Shakespeare Meet Poison

In this issue, opera and Shakespeare take center stage:

~ João Paulo André

 ~ Kathryn D. Kloepper

Forensic ties to these topics in past issues include:

~ João Paulo André

~ Amanda S. Harper-Leatherman and John R. Miecznikowski

There’s Always More to Explore

With over 90 volumes of the Journal of Chemical Education to explore, you will always find something useful—including all of the , and many more, in . Articles that are edited and published online ahead of print () are also available.