JCE 92.02—February 2015 Issue Highlights

Journal of Chemical Education February 2015 Cover

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The is now available online to subscribers. The February issue includes content on: metal-organic materials, assessment, acid–base chemistry, game-based approach to teaching, chemical structure and properties, luminescence, inquiry-based teaching, nanochemistry, synthesis, and computational chemistry. This latest issue of JCE plus the content of all past issues, volumes 1 through 92, are available at .

Cover: Metal-Organic Frameworks

Metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) are fascinating new materials with multiple chemical, industrial, and environmental applications. In , Smith, Angle, and Northrop describe the straightforward growth of single-crystalline cyclodextrin-based MOFs (CD–MOFs), along with quantitative and qualitative methods for observing their adsorption of CO2(g).

MOFs are also are explored in by Johanna L. Crane, Kelly E. Anderson, and Samantha G. Conway.


Adam M. Boyd, program director of the American Association of Chemistry Teachers discusses the impetus, goals, and benefits of the newly launched American Association of Chemistry Teachers in his editorial, .


~ Nicole Graulich

~ Cynthia J. Luxford, Kimberly J. Linenberger, Jeffrey R. Raker, John Y. Baluyut, Jessica J. Reed, Chamila De Silva, and Thomas A. Holme

Acid–Base Chemistry

~ Stacey Lowery Bretz and LaKeisha McClary

~ Carlee Stoyanovich, Aneri Gandhi, and Alison B. Flynn

Game-Based Approach to Teaching

 ~ Antonio Joaquín Franco-Mariscal, José María Oliva-Martínez, and M. L. Almoraima Gil

~ Thorsten Daubenfeld and Dietmar Zenker

~ Jeffrey M. Carney

Chemical Structure and Properties

~ Robert E. Buntrock

~ Chris P. Schaller, Kate J. Graham, Brian J. Johnson, Henry V. Jakubowski, Anna G. McKenna, Edward J. McIntee, T. Nicholas Jones, M. A. Fazal, and Alicia A. Peterson

~ Ryo Horikoshi

 ~ Shengping Zheng

Exploring Luminescence

~ Cheng-Wei Ni, Gu-Ying Lin, Ting-Yi Wang, and Mei-Lin Ho

~ Michael H. Koenig, Eun P. Yi, Matthew J. Sandridge, Alexander S. Mathew, and James N. Demas

~ Tomasz Krawczyk, Roksana Słupska, and Stefan Baj

~ R. Jeremy Johnson, Geoffrey C. Hoops, Christopher J. Savas, Zachary Kartje, and Luke D. Lavis

Inquiry-Based Teaching in the Laboratory Curriculum

~ Kurt Winkelmann, Monica Baloga, Tom Marcinkowski, Christos Giannoulis, George Anquandah, and Peter Cohen

~ Gregory D. Claycomb and Frances A. Venable

~ Sally S. Hunnicutt, Alexander Grushow, and Robert Whitnell


~ Xiaoxia Zhang, Zhen Wang, and Chunli Xu

~ Alvin W. Orbaek, Mary M. McHale, and Andrew R. Barron

~ Jason Cooke, Dominique Hebert, and Joel A. Kelly

~ Sesha L. A. Paluri, Michelle L. Edwards, Nhi H. Lam, Elizabeth M. Williams, Allie Meyerhoefer, and Ioana E. Pavel Sizemore

~ Aaron J. Blake and Hong Huang

~ Ileana Feliciano-Ramos, Barbara Casañas-Montes, María M. García-Maldonado, Christian L. Menéndez, Ana R. Mayol, Liz M. Díaz-Vázquez, and Carlos R. Cabrera


~ Marco Schott, Matthias Beck, Franziska Winkler, Henning Lorrmann, and Dirk G. Kurth

~ Peter E. Sues, Kuihua Cai, Douglas F. McIntosh, and Robert H. Morris

~ Vanya B. Kurteva and Maria A. Petrova

Computational Chemistry

~ Deepa Devarajan, Samantha J. Gustafson, F. Matthias Bickelhaupt, and Daniel H. Ess

~ Joshua Litofsky and Rama Viswanathan

~ Javier Borge

~ Alexander Teplukhin and Dmitri Babikov

~ Danielle J. George and Nathan I. Hammer

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