JCE 92.05—May 2015 Issue Highlights

Journal of Chemical Education May 2015 Cover

Teaching the Relevance of Chemistry

The May 2015 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education is now to subscribers. This issue includes articles on ; ; ; ; ; ; ;


In , Norbert J. Pienta discusses some of the duties, responsibilities, and activities of the editor-in-chief in anticipation of the process to find the next editor of JCE.

Award Address

The precollege section of JCE has begun video recording interviews of ACS James Bryant Conant Awardees. In , Deanna Cullen interviews award-winner Kathy Kitzmann of Michigan.

Drugs & Pharmaceuticals

Cover In , Shelley R. Rabel Riley describes an experiment in which undergraduate instrumental analysis students elucidate the nature of thermal transitions for active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients using differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), and thermal microscopy.

Letter  ~ Alan M. Rosan

Book Review  ~ Robert E. Buntrock


~ Suzanne Fergus, Kathryn Kellett, and Ute Gerhard

~ Jason K. Pontrello

~ William L. Scott, Ryan E. Denton, Kathleen A. Marrs, Jacob D. Durrant, J. Geno Samaritoni, Milata M. Abraham, Stephen P. Brown, Jon M. Carnahan, Lindsey G. Fischer, Courtney E. Glos, Peter J. Sempsrott, and Martin J. O’Donnell

~ Ricardo P. Rodrigues, Saulo F. Andrade, Susimaire P. Mantoani, Vera L. Eifler-Lima, Vinicius B. Silva, and Daniel F. Kawano

~ Alan T. Johnson

Laboratory Experiments

~ Isabel A. C. Ribeiro, Célia M. C. Faustino, Rita C. Guedes, António J. I. Alfaia, and Maria H. L. Ribeiro

~ David Daniels, Charlotte Berkes, Arjan Nekoie, and Jimmy Franco


Chemical Education Research  ~ Terrah J. Goeden, Martha J. Kurtz, Ian J. Quitadamo, and Carin Thomas

Article  ~ Lauren E. Finch, Margot M. Hillyer, and Michael C. Leopold

Activity  ~ Colleen Conway and Maureen Leonard

Laboratory Experiment  ~ Karyn M. Usher, Carolyn R. Simmons, Daniel W. Keating, and Henry F. Rossi, III


Activity  ~ Piotr Minkiewicz, Anna Iwaniak, and Małgorzata Darewicz

Demonstration  ~ Natalie Chiaverini and Tom Mortier

Laboratory Experiments

~ Dora Barbiric, Lorena Tribe, and Rosario Soriano

~ Erica Sharpe and Silvana Andreescu

~ Francis M. Mann

~ Sara E. Potteiger and Julie M. Belanger

~ Janelle L. Torres y Torres, Shauna L. Hiley, Steven P. Lorimor, Jonathan S. Rhoad, Benjamin D. Caldwell, Gerald L. Zweerink, and Michael Ducey

~ P. Martí-Andrés, L. Escuder-Gilabert, Y. Martín-Biosca, S. Sagrado, and M.J. Medina-Hernández

~ Daniele Naviglio, Domenico Montesano, and Monica Gallo

Plant Experiments

~ Scott Van Bramer , Katherine R. Goodrich

~ Theppawut Israsena Na Ayudhya, Frederick T. Posey, Jessica C. Tyus, and Nin N. Dingra

Studying Viscosity in the Laboratory

~ Célia Faustino, Ana F. Bettencourt, António Alfaia, and Lídia Pinheiro

~ Glenn A. Hurst, Malika Bella, and Christoph G. Salzmann

~ Seng Set, David Ford, and Masakazu Kita

New Approaches to Teaching Organic Chemistry

~ Kathleen S. Rein and David T. Brookes

~ Alison B. Flynn and William W. Ogilvie

Computer-Assisted Learning

~ David González-Gómez, Diego Airado Rodríguez, Florentina Cañada-Cañada, and Jin Su Jeong

~ Joel Tellinghuisen

~ Richard V. Whiteley, Jr.

From the Archives: Scents and Flavors

In , Jessica L. Epstein, Michael Castaldi, Grishma Patel, Peter Telidecki, and Kevin Karakkatt describe an activity in which students are given an overview of flavor chemistry and design a product (soap or candle). Other resources from past issue of the Journal for exploring scents and flavors and making soap include:

Discovering Scents & Flavors

~ Jennifer L. Logan and Craig E. Rumbaugh

~ Nigel D. Lowe, Roger Duprey, and Charles S. Sell

~ Marilyn C. Sbrollini

The Nature of Essential Oils. ; ~ Frances S. Sterrett

~ JCE staff

Application: Making Soap

~ Suzanne T. Mabrouk

~ JCE staff

92 Volumes of Writing on Chemistry

In his Commentary, Reuben Hudson discusses . This serves as a reminder that writing and communicating ideas are at the heart of JCE (and we mourn the recent loss of , author of the book in which he encouraged writers to “simplify your language and thereby find your humanity”). If you are considering , there are numerous author resources available on JCE’s ACS Web site, including recently updated:

With 92 volumes of the Journal of Chemical Education to explore, you will always find something useful—including all of the , and many more, in . Articles that are edited and published online ahead of print () are also available.