JCE 93.07 July 2016 Issue Highlights

Journal of Chemical Education July 2016

Exploration of Instrument Design and Performance

The July 2016 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education is now available to subscribers. Topics featured in this issue include: cost-effective instrumentation, including 3D printed instruments and low-cost spectroscopy; laboratory instrumentation and equipment; effective teaching assistants in chemistry; laboratory experiments; resources for teaching; puzzles and games to introduce the periodic table.


Marcy H. Towns and Thomas A. Holme examine the governance of the Division of Chemical Education over last 30 years in their Commentary .

Cost-Effective Instrumentation

Open Source Epifluorescence Microscopes: Cover Feature

Scientific inquiry need not be an expensive pursuit; many have successfully developed innovative yet economical scientific instruments or experiments for educational and other purposes. In , Chris Stewart and John Giannini describe how to modify or build microscopes for fluorescent viewing using 3D printing technology or parts available at most hardware stores. Bright-field and fluorescent images of Tetrahymena thermophila cells taken using the 3D-printed version of the scope are shown on the cover. The cost-effective techniques discussed in this and additional articles listed below are intended to help promote and encourage scientific education, exploration, and innovation by students and teachers at all levels.

3D Printed Instruments

 ~ Lon A. Porter, Benjamin M. Washer, Mazin H. Hakim, and Richard F. Dallinger

 ~ Dmytro Kosenkov, James Shaw, Jennifer Zuczek, and Yana Kholod

Low-Cost Spectroscopy

~ Thomas S. Kuntzleman and Erik C. Jacobson

~ Kristelle Bougot-Robin, Jack Paget, Stephen C. Atkins, and Joshua B. Edel

~ Carrie M. Clippard, William Hughes, Balwant S. Chohan, and Danny G. Sykes

Low-Cost Instrumentation

~ James P. Grinias, Jason T. Whitfield, Erik D. Guetschow, and Robert T. Kennedy

~ Gabriel N. Meloni

  ~ Nikos J. Papadopoulos and Andreas Jannakoudakis

Laboratory Instrumentation & Equipment

~ Don L. Warner, Eric C. Brown, and Susan E. Shadle

~ Nusret Kavak and Havva Yamak

~ Mitzy A. Erdmann and Joe L. March

Effective Teaching Assistants in Chemistry

Chemical Education Research ~ Jonathan B. Velasco, Adam Knedeisen, Dihua Xue, Trisha L. Vickrey, Marytza Abebe, and Marilyne Stains

~ Vera Dragisich, Valerie Keller, and Meishan Zhao

~ Vera Dragisich, Valerie Keller, Rebecca Black, Charles W. Heaps, Judith M. Kamm, Frank Olechnowicz, Jonathan Raybin, Michael Rombola, and Meishan Zhao

~ Shayna Burchett, Jack Hayes, Annalise Pfaff, Emmalou T. Satterfield, Amy Skyles, and Klaus Woelk

Laboratory Experiments

~ Suguru Kitabayashi, Masayoshi Nakano, Kazuyuki Nishikawa, and Nobuyoshi Koga

~ Pavel Anatolyevich Nikolaychuk and Alyona Olegovna Kuvaeva

~ Daniel Martín-Yerga, Estefanía Costa Rama, and Agustín Costa García

 ~ Jay H. Brown

 ~ Jelena Goronja, Nataša Pejić, Aleksandra Janošević Ležaić, Dragomir Stanisavljev, and Anđelija Malenović

~ Vivek P. Utgikar and David MacPherson

~ Eugene P. Wagner

Resources for Teaching

~ Jeffrey Kovac

~ Michael B. Jacobs

 ~ John Andraos

Distilling the Archives: Puzzles and Games to Introduce the Periodic Table

Antonio Joaquín Franco-Mariscal, José María Oliva-Martínez, Ángel Blanco-López, and Enrique España-Ramos describe their research on . This is related to a previous study on by Antonio Joaquín Franco-Mariscal, José María Oliva-Martínez, and M. L. Almoraima Gil. In addition, past issues include numerous puzzles and games for introducing the periodic table:

~ Susan V. Alexander, Richard S. Sevcik, O'Dell Hicks, and Linda D. Schultz

~ Vicente Martí-Centelles and Jenifer Rubio-Magnieto

~ Antonio Joaquín Franco Mariscal, José María Oliva Martínez, and Serafín Bernal Márquez

~ Luis F. Moreno, Gina Hincapié, and María Victoria Alzate

~ Sushama D. Joag

~ Eylem Bayir

At ChemEdX, you’ll find Dan Mayers’

A Cost-Effective Resource: JCE

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