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Teaching Chemistry from Rich Contexts

The August 2017 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education is now available to subscribers. Topics featured in this issue include: visualizing the chemistry of climate change; environmental chemistry; chemistry education for medical preprofessionals; tools for learning and student engagement; training laboratory teaching assistants; biochemistry; forensic chemistry; nanoparticle experiments; materials science; resources for teaching; from the archives: climate change.

On the Cover: Visualizing the Chemistry of Climate Change

Striking changes to earth’s climate are increasingly visible in scenes such as the shrinking and disappearance of glaciers. Superimposed on the cover photograph of a calving Alaska glacier is the iconic Keeling curve, showing how atmospheric CO2 levels have increased over the past 60 years. Chemical substances act as control variables for many of our earth systems, yet the chemistry at work in climate change and other threatened earth systems receives little attention in undergraduate chemistry courses or programs. In the article, , Peter Mahaffy, Thomas Holme, Leah Martin-Visscher, Brian Martin, Ashley Versprille, Mary Kirchhoff, Lallie McKenzie, and Marcy Towns provide an exemplar for introducing students in general chemistry courses to a set of core chemistry concepts (isotopes, acids−bases, gases, and thermochemistry) through rich contexts drawn from climate science literacy. (This article is available to non-subscribers as part of the ACS program.)

For additional environmental chemistry content in this issue, see:

~ Grace A. Lasker, Karolina E. Mellor, Melissa L. Mullins, Suzanne M. Nesmith, and Nancy J. Simcox

~ Timothy Lindstrom and Catherine Middlecamp

~ Dean J. Campbell, Emily R. Brewer, Keri A. Martinez, and Tamara J. Fitzjarrald

~ Michael Berger and Jillian L. Goldfarb

~ Shu Rong Huang and Peter T. Palmer

~ David Fernández-Calviño, Paula Pérez-Rodríguez, Juan Carlos Nóvoa-Muñoz, and Manuel Arias Estévez

~ Jutamat Prabpal, Tirayut Vilaivan, and Thanit Praneenararat

Chemistry Education for Medical Preprofessionals

In the Editorial this month, Norbert Pienta discusses . Other material on the topic of education in healthcare includes:

~ Jennifer P. Domingo, Mohammed Abualia, Diana Barragan, Lianne Schroeder, Donald J. Wink, Maripat King, and Ginevra A. Clark

~ Benjamin S. Barth and Ehren C. Bucholtz

~ Irene Kimaru, Marina Koether, Kimberly Chichester, and Lafayette Eaton

~ Nial J. Wheate, Michael G. Apps, Hazer Khalifa, Alan Doughty, and Alpesh Ramanlal Patel

Tools for Learning and Student Engagement

~ Santiago Toledo and Justin M. Dubas

~ Sylvia Urban

~ Melissa D. Carter, Sarah S. Pierce, Albert D. Dukes III, Rebecca H. Brown, Brian S. Crow, Rebecca L. Shaner, Leila Heidari, Samantha L. Isenberg, Jonas W. Perez, Leigh Ann Graham, Jerry D. Thomas, Rudolph C. Johnson, and Aren E. Gerdon

Training Laboratory Teaching Assistants

~ Aishling Flaherty, Anne O’Dwyer, Patricia Mannix-McNamara, and JJ Leahy

~ Lindsay B. Wheeler, Charles P. Clark, and Charles M. Grisham


~ Maria Oliver-Hoyo and Melissa A. Babilonia-Rosa

~ Timea Gerczei

~ Saeed Roschdi and Theodore J. Gries

Forensic Chemistry

~ Sarah L. Cresswell and Wendy A. Loughlin

~ J. M. Valente Nabais and Sara D. Costa

Nanoparticle Experiments

~ Julie A. Jenkins, Terianna J. Wax, and Jing Zhao

~ Susan N. Pham, Joshua E. Kuether, Miranda J. Gallagher, Rodrigo Tapia Hernandez, Denise N. Williams, Bo Zhi, Arielle C. Mensch, Robert J. Hamers, Zeev Rosenzweig, Howard Fairbrother, Miriam O.P. Krause, Z. Vivian Feng, and Christy L. Haynes

~ Mikhail Shekhirev, John Goza, Jacob D. Teeter, Alexey Lipatov, and Alexander Sinitskii

Materials Science

~ Yan-Zi Ma, Li Jia, Kai-Guo Ma, Hai-Hong Wang, and Xi-Ping Jing

~ Anais Koska, Nikola Toshikj, Sandra Hoett, Laurent Bernaud, and Umit B. Demirci

~ Paolo Coppo

Resources for Teaching

~ S. Fasoula, P. Nikitas, and A. Pappa-Louisi

~ Ben Ruekberg

~ Stephanie R. Hare and Dean J. Tantillo

~ Custódia S. C. Fonseca

From the Archives: Climate ChangeIn the cover article, , Peter G. Mahaffy, Thomas A. Holme, Leah Martin-Visscher, Brian E. Martin, Ashley Versprille, Mary Kirchhoff, Lallie McKenzie, and Marcy Towns emphasize the critical importance of teaching students about the chemistry at work in climate change. Examples of past articles in JCE on the topic of climate change that can help support this effort include: 

~ Ashley Versprille, Adam Zabih, Thomas A. Holme, Lallie McKenzie, Peter Mahaffy, Brian Martin, and Marcy Towns

~ Ashley N. Versprille and Marcy H. Towns

~ Edward Maslowsky, Jr.

~ Charity Flener-Lovitt

~ Mitchell R. M. Bruce, Tiffany A. Wilson, Alice E. Bruce, S. Max Bessey, and Virginia J. Flood

~ Peter G. Mahaffy, Brian E. Martin, Anna Schwalfenberg, Darrell Vandenbrink, and Darren Eymundson

~ Steven Murov

~ Ralph E. Weston Jr.

~ R. Brzenk, A. Moore, M. J. Alfano, P. T. Buckley, M. E. Newman, and Frank M. Dunnivant

~ Vicki H. Grassian and Elizabeth A. Stone

Available at ChemEdX:

~ Tom Kuntzleman

~ Tom Kuntzleman

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