JCE 94.12 December 2017 Issue Highlights

Journal of Chemical Education December 2017 Cover

Improving Student Perception and Performance 

The December 2017 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education is now available to subscribers. Topics featured in this issue include: functional nanomaterials and chemical detection; improving student performance; peer-led instruction; simulations and computer-based learning; engaging and interactive instruction; synthesis laboratories; NMR spectroscopy and mass spectrometry; innovative physical chemistry investigations; ConfChem Conference on select 2016 BCCE presentations; from the archives: music and chemistry.


Norbert J. Pienta highlights Journal of Chemical Education content in 2017 and acknowledges contributors to the Journal in .

Cover: Functional Nanomaterials and Chemical Detection

Carbon nanomaterials have promising utility in chemical sensing, including applications in preserving occupational safety, monitoring of environmental pollution, and human health. In , Merry K. Smith, Daphnie G. Martin-Peralta, Polina A. Pivak, and Katherine A. Mirica describe a safe and engaging laboratory exercise in which hand-drawn graphite electrodes and carbon nanotube sensing materials mechanically abraded on thermally shrinkable polymer films produce functional gas sensors capable of detecting gaseous analytes. The resulting fully-drawn miniaturized gas sensors introduce students to fundamental and applied aspects of solid-state device fabrication, chemical detection, and data analysis.

Improving Student Performance

~ Vicente Talanquer and John Pollard (this article is available to non-subscribers as part of ACS’s program.)

~ Vicente Talanquer

~ Brock L. Casselman and Charles H. Atwood 

~ Anna A. Prisacari, Thomas A. Holme, and Jared Danielson

~ Ryan L. Stowe and Melanie M. Cooper

~ Matthew R. Siebert, Todd E. Daniel, and Brian D. High

Peer-Led Instruction

~ Russell J. Pearson (This article is available to non-subscribers as part of ACS’s program.)

~ Fehmi Damkaci, Timothy F. Braun, and Kristin Gublo

~ Kalyani Sabanayagam, Vivek. D. Dani, Matthew John, Wanda Restivo, Svetlana Mikhaylichenko, and Shadi Dalili

~ Jacob L. Williams, Martin E. Miller, Brianna C. Avitabile, Dillon L. Burrow, Allison N. Schmittou, Meagan K. Mann, and Leslie A. Hiatt

~ Mina Jafari, Alicia Rae Welden, Kyle L. Williams, Blair Winograd, Ellen Mulvihill, Heidi P. Hendrickson, Michael Lenard, Amy Gottfried, and Eitan Geva

~ A. Flaherty, A. O’Dwyer, P. Mannix-McNamara, and J. J. Leahy

Simulations and Computer-Based Learning

~ Charles J. Weiss

~ Garon C. Smith and Md Mainul Hossain

Engaging and Interactive Instruction

~ R. Burks, K. D. Deards, and E. DeFrain

~ Dylan P. Williams

~ Kevin P. O’Halloran

~ Miah M. Montes and Dean J. Campbell

Synthesis Laboratories

~ Zoe N. Amaris, Daniel N. Freitas, Karen Mac, Kyle T. Gerner, Catherine Nameth, and Korin E. Wheeler

~ Nicola Y. Edwards, Frank Yepez Castillo, and Gina Baiamonte

~ Justin M. Pratt, James P. Birk, David L. Tierney, and Ellen J. Yezierski

~ Timothy N. Abell, Robert M. McCarrick, Stacey Lowery Bretz, and David L. Tierney

~ Stephanie R. Hare and Dean J. Tantillo

NMR Spectroscopy and Mass Spectrometry

~ Rebecca A. Hill and Christopher P. Nicholson

~ Peter T. Bell, W. Lance Whaley, Alyssa D. Tochterman, Karl S. Mueller, and Linda D. Schultz

~ Sara Shuldburg and Jennifer Carroll

~ Naomi L. Stock

Innovative Physical Chemistry Investigations

~ Sally S. Hunnicutt, Alexander Grushow, and Rob Whitnell

~ Forrest W. Eagle, Kyser D. Seaney, and Michael P. Grubb

~ Thomas D. Varberg, Bradley W. Pearlman, Ian A. Wyse, Samuel P. Gleason, Dalir H. P. Kellett, and Kenneth L. Moffett

ConfChem Conference on Select 2016 BCCE Presentations

are free, open to the public, and run by the ACS DivCHED Committee on Computers in Chemical Education (). The discussed selected 2016 BCCE (Biennial Conference in Chemical Education) presentations.

~ Jennifer L. Muzyka, Tanya Gupta, and Robert Belford

~ Clarissa Sorensen-Unruh

~ Joshua Ring

~ Emily Alden

~ Robert Bodily and Steven Wood

~ Ashleigh L.P. Thomas

~ Robert E. Belford

From the Archives: Music and Chemistry

This issue contains a laboratory using a  by Forrest W. Eagle, Kyser D. Seaney, and Michael P. Grubb. Music and chemistry have been coupled in past issues of JCE in such articles as:

~ Michael Davis, Todd P. Silverstein, and Dean J. Campbell

~ Mahadev Kumbar

~ Susan G. Cady

~ Florbela Pereira, João C. Ponte-e-Sousa, Rui P. S. Fartaria, Vasco D. B. Bonifácio, Paulina Mata, Joao Aires-de-Sousa, and Ana M. Lobo

~ Cory C. Pye

~ Arthur M. Last

~ Gregory J. Crowther and Katie Davis

~ João Paulo André

~ João Paulo André

~ Michael D. Gordin

~ Frantisek Jurik, Ian D. Rae, and George B. Kauffman

~ Christian A. Wamser and Carl C. Wamser

JCE: Improving Student Performance for 94 Years

With over 94 years of content from the Journal of Chemical Education available, many concepts in chemistry have been discussed extensively—including the , and many more, in the . Articles that are edited and published online ahead of print () are also available.