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The June 2018 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education is now available to subscribers. Topics featured in this issue include:  investigating nanoscopic structures, innovative curriculum, inquiry-based investigations, using games to teach, outreach on climate change and research ethics, instrumental analysis, organic chemistry laboratory experiments, scientific data analysis, chemical education research, from the archives: food dyes.

Cover: Investigating Nanoscopic Structures

Some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring insects are blue Morpho butterflies. In , Brittany A. Bober, Jennifer K. Ogata, Veronica E. Martinez, Janae J. Hallinan, Taylor A. Leach, and Bogdan Negru present a laboratory experiment that introduces general chemistry students to material science and nanotechnology with the use of iridescent Morpho butterfly wings. The nanoscopic structures make the wings superhydrophobic and also form a photonic crystal responsible for the structural coloration of these butterflies. Students performing the experiment alter both the color and superhydrophobicity of the wings of a preserved specimen, as shown by the image of a Morpho butterfly. The background image is a scanning electron micrograph of silver-coated wings that reveals the nanoscopic ridges of butterfly scales responsible for superhydrophobicity and structural coloration. This captivating and memorable experiment for students reinforces their understanding of the properties of light and solvation.

For another experiment on nanotechnology in this issue, see:  ~ Izabela Kondratowicz, Małgorzata Nadolska, and Kamila Żelechowska

Editorial: Citations in Submissions

In the June Editorial, Norbert Pienta discusses citations as an important component for scholarly publication in .

Innovative Curriculum

~ Meredith H. Barbee, Robert G. Carden, Julia H. R. Johnson, Cameron L. Brown, Dorian A. Canelas, and Stephen L. Craig

~ Scott Chadwick, Mackenzie de la Hunty, and Anthony Baker

Inquiry-Based Investigations

~ David W. Pollock, Giovanna T. Truong, Jessica L. Bonjour, and John A. Frost

~ Martin Rusek, Pavel Beneš, and John Carroll

Using Games To Teach

~ Erlina, Chris Cane, and Dylan P. Williams

~ Nicolas Dietrich

Outreach on Climate Change and Research Ethics

~ Solaire A. Finkenstaedt-Quinn, Natalie V. Hudson-Smith, Matthew J. Styles, Michael K. Maudal, Adam R. Juelfs, and Christy L. Haynes

~ Patricia Ann Mabrouk and Susan M. Schelble

Instrumental Analysis

~ Leyre Pérez-Álvarez, Leire Ruiz-Rubio, and Jose Luis Vilas-Vilela

~ Adriana Nori de Macedo, Stellena Mathiaparanam, Ritchie Ly, and Philip Britz-McKibbin

~ Thomas A. Betts and Julie A. Palkendo

Organic Chemistry Laboratory Experiments

~ Mariah L. Schuster, Karl P. Peterson, and Stacey A. Stoffregen

~ James A. Ciaccio, Shahrokh Saba, Samantha M. Bruno, John H. Bruppacher, and Alexa G. McKnight

~ Shuming Chen

~ Ethan C. Cagle, Timothy R. Totsch, Mitzy A. Erdmann, and Gary M. Gray

~ Vanessa Kairouz and Shawn K. Collins

~ Jeffrey Santandrea, Vanessa Kairouz, and Shawn K. Collins

~ Jun-Yang Ong, Shang-Ce Chan, and Truong-Giang Hoang

Scientific Data Analysis

~ Joel Tellinghuisen

~ A. Beate C. Patzer, Hans Bauer, Christian Chang, Jan Bolte, and Detlev Sülzle

~ Arthur M. Halpern, Stephen L. Frye, and Charles J. Marzzacco

Chemical Education Research: Course Selection Factors, Acid-Base Topics for Teaching Nursing, and Primary Research in the Teaching Lab

~ Elsa M. Hinds and Ginger V. Shultz

~ Corina E. Brown, Melissa L. M. Henry, and Richard M. Hyslop

~ Leah C. Williams and Michael J. Reddish

Additional Teaching Resources

~ Paul J. Karol

~ Shuxia Yang, Bing Mei, and Xiaoyu Yue

From the Archives: Food Dyes

This issue includes the article by Chunxiu Xu, Danli Jiang, Jiayi Lin, and Longfei Cai. Food dyes have been explored in numerous ways in JCE over the years including:

~ Kurt R. Birdwhistell and Thomas G. Spence

~ Samuella B. Sigmann and Dale E. Wheeler

~ Karen E. Stevens

~ Robert D. Curtright, Randall Emry, Jonathan Wright, and John Markwell

~ Robert C. Mebane and Thomas R. Rybolt

~ Kristi Tami, Anastasia Popova, and Gloria Proni

~ Felicia A. Staiger, Joshua P. Peterson, and Dean J. Campbell

~ Ruth E. Nalliah

~ Vinita Sharma, Harold T. McKone, and Peter G. Markow

Investigations of Dyes at ChemEdX:

~ Tom Kuntzleman

~ Tom Kuntzleman

~ Tom Kuntzleman

~ Tom Kuntzleman

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