JCE 95.10 October 2018 Issue Highlights

Journal of Chemical Education October 2018 Cover

The Human Side of Teaching and Learning

The October 2018 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education is now available to subscribers. Topics featured in this issue include: research on: AP chemistry reform and writing instruction; novel teaching approaches; demonstrations: safety and effectiveness; augmented reality and technology for teaching; using stories and history to teach; exploring acid-base chemistry; understanding energy; biochemistry in the laboratory; teaching resources; astrochemistry resources for National Chemistry Week 2018.

Cover: Illustrating the Human Side of Teaching and Learning

Those involved in teaching and learning chemistry interact with the science in ways that are unique, as noted in this issue's editorial in which Norbert Pienta discusses . For example, the cover shows students learning chemistry in a course that uses an approach to encourage student interaction and minimize instructor lecturing. In this integrated learning environment, the space is designed to facilitate interactions between small groups of students with guidance from peer-learning assistants. Students are grouped at tables where they are encouraged to interact within their smaller group as well as with the other groups on activities that emphasize conceptual understanding.

Some articles in this issue showing the human dimension:

~ José Luis Aparicio and María P. Elizalde

~ Glenn A. Hurst

Journal News

Ellen Yezierski, chair of the Board of Publications, announces that has been selected as the . (ACS has also issued a on this announcement.)

Call for Papers: Systems Thinking, and Green and Sustainable Chemistry

A with guest editors, Peter G. Mahaffy, Edward J. Brush, Julie A. Haack, and Felix M. Ho, has been announced. Deadline for submissions is April 1, 2019. (This was also recently .)

Content in this issue using a green approach:

~ A. M. R. P. Bopegedera

~ Marta Meazza, Agnieszka Kowalczuk, Sarah Watkins, Simon Holland, Thomas A. Logothetis, and Ramon Rios

Research on: AP Chemistry Reform and Writing Instruction

~ Christian Fischer, Arthur Eisenkraft, Barry Fishman, Nicolas Hübner, and Frances Lawrenz

~ Kayla Logan and Lee Mountain

Novel Teaching Approaches 

~ George Chitiyo, Darek W. Potter, and Chad E. Rezsnyak

~ Alexandre H. Pinto

Demonstration: Safety and Effectiveness

~ Samuella B. Sigmann (available to non-subscribers as part of ACS program)

~ Andreas Nehring and Sebastian Busch

Augmented Reality and Technology for Teaching

~ Bolin Zhu, Mi Feng, Hannah Lowe, Jeffrey Kesselman, Lane Harrison, and Robert E. Dempski

~ Rainier Barrett, Heta A. Gandhi, Anusha Naganathan, Danielle Daniels, Yang Zhang, Chibueze Onwunaka, April Luehmann, and Andrew D. White

~ Alvita Ardisara and Fun Man Fung

Using Stories and History to Teach

~ Lisa M. Ryno and Cheryl Cottine

~ Eneko Larrañeta

~ Peter Polčic

Exploring Acid-Base Chemistry

~ Jon-Marc G. Rodriguez, Sarah Hensiek, Jeanne R. Meyer, Cynthia J. Harwood, and Marcy H. Towns

~ Willber D. Castro-Godoy, Juan E. Argüello, Marisa Martinelli, and Daniel A. Caminos

Understanding Energy

~ Klaus Schmidt-Rohr (available to non-subscribers as part of the ACS program)

~ Leandro da Silva Rodrigues, Jones de Andrade, and Luiz H. S. Gasparotto

~ Tomasz Pacześniak, Katarzyna Rydel-Ciszek, Paweł Chmielarz, Maria Charczuk, and Andrzej Sobkowiak

~ Timm A. Knoerzer, Elise M. Hill, Todd A. Davis, Scott T. Iacono, Jane E. Johnson, and Gary J. Balaich

Biochemistry in the Laboratory

~ Stephen M. Testa, John P. Selegue, April French, and Brett Criswell

~ Jan Hormann, Sabine Streller, and Nora Kulak

~ Julie T. Millard, Tenzin Passang, Jiayu Ye, Gabriel M. Kline, Tina M. Beachy, Victoria L. Hepburn, and Edmund J. Klinkerch

~ Sameer Sajja, Morgan Chandler, Caryn D. Striplin, and Kirill A. Afonin

~ Joseph M. Heili, Jose Gomez-Garcia, Nathaniel J. Gaut, Brock W. Cash, Lauren M. Aufdembrink, Brent A. Heffron, Joshua D. Shirley, Erin E. Carlson, Katarzyna P. Adamala, and Aaron E. Engelhart

~ Scott Simpson and Alexandra M. Izydorczak

Teaching Resources

~ Peter F. Lang

~ David N. Harpp

~ M. J. Delgado-González, Y. Carmona-Jiménez, M. C. Rodríguez-Dodero, and M. V. García-Moreno

~ Paul D. Cooper

~ Garon C. Smith and Md Mainul Hossain

3! 2! 1! Archives: Chemistry Is Out of This World!

Celebrate with astrochemistry resources in past issues of the Journal of Chemical Education, such as:

Exploring Astrochemistry

Reggie L. Hudson

Jay S. Huebner, Robert A. Vergenz, and Terry L. Smith

Experimenting with Sunlight


York R. Smith, Eric Crone, and Vaidyanathan (Ravi) Subramanian

~ Terre Trupp

Investigating Rockets and Space Exploration

Marcus Angelin, Martin Rahm, Erik Gabrielsson, and Lena Gumaelius

~ Dean J. Campbell, Felicia A. Staiger, and Chaitanya N. Jujjavarapu

~ James G. Goll, Lindsay J. Wilkinson, and Dolores M. Snell

~ Thomas M. Ticich

~ Paul B. Kelter, William E. Snyder, and Constance S. Buchar

~ Paul B. Kelter, William E. Snyder, and Constance S. Buchar

~ Richard A. Pacer and William D. Ehmann

~ James G. Goll and B. J. Woods

~ James G. Goll and Stacie L. Mundinger

Examining the Chemistry of Planets, Stars, and Space

Robert E. Mueller

~ W. T. Huntress Jr.

~ Max J. Palmer, Keri A. Martinez, Mayuresh G. Gadgil, and Dean J. Campbell

~ Curtis Mowry, Rob Milofsky, William Collins, and Adam S. Pimentel

~ Lydia Galagovsky, Santiago Kocmur, Guillermo J. Visbeek, Liliana Haim, and Eduardo Cortón

~ Steven I. Dutch

~ Neil Glickstein

~ Eric B. Norman 

Osman Sorkhabi, William M. Jackson, and Iraj Daizadeh

~ Arturo Arnau, Iñaki Tuñón, and Estanislao Silla

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