JCE 95.11 November 2018 Issue Highlights

Journal of Chemical Education November 2018 Cover

Increasing Authenticity of the Student Experience

The November 2018 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education is now available to subscribers. Topics featured in this issue include: liquid crystals; nanochemistry; understanding fundamentals; promoting nursing students’ chemistry success; graduate education; using history to teach chemistry; exploring food chemistry; applications of chemistry; using games to teach; cost-effective instrumentation; organic chemistry laboratories; physical chemistry; computer-based learning.

Cover: Liquid Crystal Phases

Binary phase diagrams are an important component of many materials science and physical chemistry courses. In , Marissa E. Tousley presents a classroom demonstration that allows students to observe phase behavior as a function of composition and temperature. This demonstration uses surfactants that self-assemble into ordered structures (lyotropic liquid crystalline phases) with unique optical properties in the presence of water. The cover shows images taken at different time points during a temperature-induced phase transition. Different liquid crystal phases exhibit different optical properties, making it possible to observe phase behavior using an optical microscope. 

Additional nanochemistry articles in this issue include:

~ Mady Elbahri, Ahmed Soliman, Kirsi Yliniemi, Ramzy Abdelaziz, Shahin Homaeigohar, and Eman S. Zarie

~ Pablo Eduardo Cardoso-Avila and Juan Luis Pichardo Molina

Understanding Fundamentals

~ Vicente Talanquer

~ Lisa Shah, Jeremy Schneider, Rebekah Fallin, Kimberly Linenberger Cortes, Herman E. Ray, and Gregory T. Rushton 

Promoting Nursing Students’ Chemistry Success
~ Amber J. Dood, Lisa M. Johnson, and Justin M. Shorb

~ Andri L. Smith, Jean R. Paddock, Joel M. Vaughan, and David W. Parkin

Graduate Education

~ Maral P. S. Mousavi, Zahra Sohrabpour, Evan L. Anderson, Amanda Stemig-Vindedahl, David Golden, Gary Christenson, Katherine Lust, and Philippe Bühlmann

~ Tessy S. Ritchie, Maria T. Perez Cardenas, and Shweta Ganapati

~ Robert M. B. Dyer, B. Jill Venton, and Jennifer L. Maeng

Using History To Teach Chemistry

~ Elizabeth C. Landis

~ Simeen Sattar and Robert J. Olsen

Exploring Food Chemistry

~ Suzanne Carpenter and Richard Wallace

~ Rebecca A. Hunter and Eric J. Dompkowski

~ Max Schmallegger and Georg Gescheidt

~ Suranga M. Rajapaksha, Dulani Samarasekara, John Charles Brown, Leslie Howard, Katherine Gerken, Todd Archer, Patty Lathan, Todd Mlsna, and Deb Mlsna

Applications of Chemistry

~ Grigoriy Sereda and Benjamin Hawkins

~ Cole M. Crosby, Richard A. Maldonado, Ahyun Hong, Ryan L. Caylor, Kristine L. Kuhn, and Matthew E. Wise

~ Felicia Licht, Gianna Aleman Milán, and Heather A. Andreas

Using Games To Teach

~ Sam Boon Kiat Koh and Fun Man Fung

~ José Nunes da Silva Júnior, Mary Anne Sousa Lima, Fátima Nunes Miranda, Antonio José Melo Leite Junior, Francisco Serra Oliveira Alexandre, jheyson Carlos de Oliveira Assis, and Davi Janô Nobre

Cost-Effective Instrumentation

~ Ariana Joseph, Katherine Budden, Richard Cisek, and Danielle Tokarz

~ Lucas F. de Paula and Reinaldo Ruggiero

~ Benjamin Schmidt, David King, and James Kariuki

Organic Chemistry Laboratories

~ Devin R. Latimer, Athar Ata, Christopher P. Forfar, Mustafa Kadhim, April McElrea, and Ramon Sales

~ Reyne Pullen, Angus Olding, Jason A. Smith, and Alex C. Bissember

Physical Chemistry

~ Bernard Hayez

~ Erin Brown and Lisandro Hernández de la Peña

~ Deepika Janakiraman

Computer-Based Learning

~ Maria A. Zdanovskaia, Cara E. Schwarz, Asif D. Habib, Nicholas J. Hill, and Brian J. Esselman

~ Amy J. Managh, Peter Reid, and Matthew A. Knox

~ Howard Mayes and Chung F. Wong

Exploring the Archives: Liquid Crystals and Optical Rotation

The November cover features a . A sampling of some articles in past issue of JCE on the topics of liquid crystals and optical rotation include:

(JCE Classroom Activity: #73) ~ George Lisensky and Elizabeth Boatman

~ Mark Warren and Don L. Lewis

~ Maia Popova, Stacey Lowery Bretz, and C. Scott Hartley

~ Patrick I. T. Thomson

~ Akash Mehta and Thomas J. Greenbowe

~ Pauline M. Schwartz, Dante M. Lepore, Brandy N. Morneau, and Carl Barratt

~ Robert Becker

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