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The April 2019 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education is now available to subscribers. Topics featured in this issue include: Machine Learning; Revised International System of Units; Examining Chemical Information Literacy; Flipped Teaching; Chemistry and Business; Learning about Safety; Researched-Based Courses; Effective Teaching Resources; Learning through Play; Exploring Water Treatment; Green Chemistry Laboratories; Experiments with NMR Spectroscopy; Investigating Kinetics; Computer-Based Experiences; From the Archive: Chemists Celebrate Earth Week 2019—Take Note: The Chemistry of Paper.

Cover: Machine Learning

Recent advances in computation are spawning explosive growth in the use of machine learning tools. To better prepare students, scientists and researchers should become familiar with the tools and the current limitations of artificial intelligence, and include machine learning practice in the classroom when appropriate. In the article , Lisa Joss and Erich A. Müller present a classroom exercise for first-year science and engineering students who are tasked with using an artificial neural network to produce a correlation predicting the normal boiling point of organic compounds from an unabridged data set of more than 6000 compounds.

The April Editorial also discusses teaching and machine learning:

~ Thomas A. Holme

Another paper in this issue that involves extensive data analysis:

~ Mary C. Boyce, Nathan G. Lawler, Yingqi Tu, and Stacey N. Reinke

Commentary: Revised International System of Units

In November 2018, the 26th meeting of the General Conference on Weights and Measures approved a revision to the International System of Units (Système International, SI) to go into effect May 20, 2019. Find out in the commentary by Carmen J. Giunta.

Examining Chemical Information Literacy

~ Ginger V. Shultz and Jennifer M. Zemke

Flipped Teaching

~ Rena Bokosmaty, Adam Bridgeman, and Meloni Muir

~ Andrew F. Parsons

Chemistry and Business

~ Kevin M. Bucholtz, Madison M. Copeland, and Stefanie D. Swanger

~ Ryan M. Bouldin and Zoë Folchman-Wagner

Learning about Safety

~ David J. Hill, Olivia F. Williams, Danianne P. Mizzy, Therese F. Triumph, Catherine R. Brennan, Dawn C. Mason, and David S. Lawrence

~ Grace A. Lasker, Nancy J. Simcox, Karolina E. Mellor, Melissa L. Mullins, Suzanne M. Nesmith, Saskia van Bergen, and Paul T. Anastas

Researched-Based Courses

~ Jeremy R. Burkett and Timothy M. Dwyer

~ Alexandra M. Ward and Graeme R. A. Wyllie

~ P. G. Rodríguez Ortega, B. Gilbert-López, S. Esteo Donaire, and M. Montejo

Effective Teaching Resources

~ Ryan B. Snitynsky, Kerry Rose, and Jerine M. Pegg

~ Robert G. Gullion, Terry Gullion, Michelle Richards-Babb, and Mark Schraf

~ Brian Stankus, Rosemary White, and Binyomin Abrams

~ Gabriela A. Fernández, Romina A. Ocampo, Andrea R. Costantino, and Néstor S. Dop

~ Sunmeng Wang and Derek J. Schipper

Learning through Play

~ Kevin P. O’Halloran

~ Mary Anne Sousa Lima, Álvaro Carvalho Monteiro, Antonio José Melo Leite Junior, Izac Sidarta de Andrade Matos, Francisco Serra Oliveira Alexandre, Davi Janô Nobre, André Jalles Monteiro, and José Nunes da Silva Júnior

Exploring Water Treatment

~ Anjali Mulchandani, Ariel J. Atkinson, Sergi Garcia-Segura, and Paul Westerhoff

~ Adam J. Fisher, Monica M. Keeley, Jeremy M. Lane, and Ping Y. Furlan

~ Benjamin J. Place

Green Chemistry Laboratories

~ Parawee Rattanakit and Rasimate Maungchang

~ Chun Ho Lam, Vincent Escande, Karolina E. Mellor, Julie B. Zimmerman, and Paul T. Anastas

~ Evelina Colacino, Gandrath Dayaker, Alain Morère, and Tomislav Friščić

~ James R. McKee, Murray Zanger, Carmine Chiariello, James A. McKee, Walter Dorfner, Elisabetta Fasella, and Yumee Koo

Experiments with NMR Spectroscopy

~ Jacob E. Dander, Lucas A. Morrill, Melinda M. Nguyen, Shuming Chen, and Neil K. Garg

~ Michael C. Young, Katherine E. Djernes, John L. Payton, Daniel Liu, and Richard J. Hooley

~ James E. Kent and Nicholle G. A. Bell

Investigating Kinetics

~ Taweetham Limpanuparb, Chattarin Ruchawapol, and Dulyarat Sathainthammanee

~ Christine Morales and Franklin Chen

~ Clotilde Vié, Jacques Fattaccioli, and Philippe Jacq

~ Zhe Peng and Jose L. Jimenez

Computer-Based Experiences

~ Jhon Fredy Pérez-Torres

~ Elizabeth L. Magnotti, Julia Moy, Rosalie Sleppy, Anna Carey, Yitna Firdyiwek, Reginald H. Garrett, and Charles M. Grisham

From the Archive: Chemists Celebrate Earth Week 2019—Take Note: The Chemistry of Paper

The ACS annual event, Chemists Celebrate Earth Week (CCEW), brings focus to topics that illustrate the positive role chemistry plays in the world. The list below highlights JCE content related to the , to be celebrated April 21-27, 2019, by examining the chemistry of paper, experimenting with paper recycling, and using paper to explore chemistry.

Examining the Chemistry of Paper

H. K. Benson

~ J. Arthur Campbell

~ Michael J. Smith, Ilda C. Vale, and Fiona M. Gray

~ Donald K. Schorr and Dean J. Campbell

~ Brian McCall, Lynn Diener, and J. Aura Gimm

~ Mary Anne White

Experimenting with Paper Recycling

JCE Staff

Richard A. Venditti

~ Fiona Tamburini, Thomas Kelly, Eranthie Weerapana, and Jeffery A. Byers

Using Paper To Explore Chemistry

~ Susan A. S. Hershberger, Matt Nance, Arlyne M. Sarquis, and Lynn M. Hogue

~ Jenna Lech and Vladimir Dounin

~ JCE Staff 

Rebekah R. Ravgiala, Stefi Weisburd, Raymond Sleeper, Andres Martinez, Dorota Rozkiewicz, George M. Whitesides, and Kathryn A. Hollar

~ Myra T. Koesdjojo, Sumate Pengpumkiat, Yuanyuan Wu, Anukul Boonloed, Daniel Huynh, Thomas P. Remcho, and Vincent T. Remcho

Masahiro Kamata and Seiko Yajima

~ Jun Ge, Romana Schirhagl, and Richard N. Zare

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