JCE 97.12 December 2020 Issue Highlights

Journal of Chemical Education December 2020 Cover

The Trajectory of Chemistry Teaching and Learning

The of the Journal of Chemical Education is now available to subscribers. Topics featured in this issue include: teaching during COVID-19; examining models used by students; chemical structure; game-based learning; interdisciplinary courses; teaching chemistry using plants; laboratory instruction with real-world context; fluorescence; exploring spectroscopy; thermodynamics; chemical education research; from the archives: photography.

Cover: Photography Using Household Chemicals

In , Sergey Slyusarev describes a photographic technique that employs inexpensive and easy-to-find reagents: ascorbic acid, copper sulfate, and sodium hydrogen carbonate. As with other photographic processes, this is a compelling demonstration of the effects light can have on chemical reactions. One advantage of this photographic development process is its accessibility in circumstances when specialized chemicals are unavailable or undesirable. Even younger students can exercise their creativity in making photographic prints with this process. The cover shows an image and the negative it was printed from using the photoreduction of copper.

See "From the Archives: Photography" below for more articles on photography in past issues.

Editorial and Commentaries

In the editorial , Tom Holme muses on how the year 2020 may exact lasting change for teaching and learning activities in chemistry and beyond. (open access without a subscription)

In the two commentaries in the issue, Jack Silver implores readers to   (open access without a subscription) and Amanda M. Shufflebarger and Kevin A. Scott advocate that (open access without a subscription).

Teaching during COVID-19

~ Grace Henbest, Kiana Mortezaei, Teresa Alvelais, Courtney Murphy, and Jack F. Eichler

~ Bhavani Balasubramanian, Chris DeSantis, and Miriam Gulotta

~ Ricardo Fernández-Terán, Estefanía Sucre-Rosales, Lorenzo Echevarría, and Florencio E. Hernández

~ Surya Pulukuri and Binyomin Abrams (open access without a subscription)

For additional ideas related to teaching during COVID, see ”.

Examining Models Used by Students

~ Jon-Marc G. Rodriguez, Katherine Lazenby, Leah J. Scharlott, Kevin H. Hunter, and Nicole M. Becker

Chemical Structure

~ Armélinda Agnello, Stéphane Vanberg, Céline Tonus, Bernard Boigelot, Laurent Leduc, Christian Damblon, and Jean-François Focant

~ Kevin A. Scott, Alexander Marciniak, William G. Benson, and Robin Polt

~ Jonas R. Schmid, Moritz J. Ernst, and Günther Thiele (open access without a subscription)

Game-Based Learning

~ Christophe Coudret and Nicolas Dietrich

~ Zachary Thammavongsy, Michael A. Morris, and Renée D. Link

~ Marissa L. Clapson, Brian C. T. Gilbert, and Amanda Musgrove

~ Julia E. Winter, Joseph Engalan, Sarah E. Wegwerth, Gianna J. Manchester, Michael T. Wentzel, Michael J. Evans, James E. Kabrhel, and Lawrence J. Yee (open access without a subscription)

Interdisciplinary Courses

~ Daniel R. Zuidema, John A. Stimart, and Zixin Jian

~ Meghan R. Johnston

~ Aren E. Gerdon

~ Debra Willison, Christine M. Davidson, and Fraser J. Scott

~ Chelsea DeLeon, Tara Tabibi, and Asmira Alagic

Teaching Chemistry Using Plants

~ Adriano Francescangeli

~ Lucas Busta and Sabrina E. Russo

~ Melissa Saldaña, Stephanie A. Valenzuela, Sarah R. Moor, Pedro Metola, and Eric V. Anslyn

~ Cátia I. Sampaio, Luís F. Sousa, and Alice M. Dias

~ Renée S. Cole, Marc Muniz, Erica Harvey, Robert Sweeney, and Sally Hunnicutt

Laboratory Instruction with Real-World Context

~ Dana Rubenstein, William Patterson, Iris Peng, Francisco Schunk, Adriana Mendoza-Garcia, Mengjie Lyu, and Li-Qiong Wang

~ Forest Robertson and Linda Passaro

~ Soha Ahmadi, Hamid Fini, Talia Ho, Paniz Jalali Nadoushan, Heinz-Bernhard Kraatz, and Kagan Kerman

~ Rafael Cavalcante dos Santos, Juliane Natalizi Cabral Cavalcanti, Elisa Carneiro Werneck do Carmo, Fernando Costa de Souza, Wesley Garcia Soares, Cristiane Gimenes de Souza, Débora França de Andrade, and Luiz Antonio d’Avila

~ Zheng-Li Hu, Yi-Lun Ying, Ming-Zhu Huo, Xuan-Feng Kong, Xiao-Dong Yu, Jian-Rong Zhang, and Yi-Tao Long


~ Anadi Gupta and Vishal Mishra

~ Rong Miao, Jing Li, Zhenshan Luo, Haiqi Yu, Taihong Liu, and Yu Fang

Exploring Spectroscopy

~ Steven S. Andrews and James Tretton

~ Pascale Changenet, Thomas Gustavsson, and Isabelle Lampre

~ Justin Marlowe and George Tsilomelekis (open access without a subscription)


~ Josu Lopez-Gazpio and Inigo Lopez-Gazpio

~ Li Wang, Camille Violet, Ryan M. DuChanois, and Menachem Elimelech (open access without a subscription)

~ Qian Zhang, Jie Liu, Xiao Nai, Hongcui Bao, Dezhi Sun, and Min Liu

~ Gaius Takor, Christopher E. Morgan, Liang-Yuan Chiu, Nashea Kendrick, Emily Clark, Rohan Jaiswal, and Blanton S. Tolbert

Chemical Education Research

~ Michael Macrie-Shuck and Vicente Talanquer

~ Ying Jin, Christian A. Rodriguez, Lisa Shah, and Gregory T. Rushton

~ Young Ae Kim, Emily Monroe, Hayley Nielsen, Jonathan Cox, Katelyn M. Southard, Lisa Elfring, Paul Blowers, and Vicente Talanquer

~ Timothy N. Abell and Hannah Sevian

~ Donald. J. Wink

From the Archives: Photography

Several articles in this issue involve photographic processes:


Photography has been featured in past issues since the earliest issues of JCE, including:

~ Yizhou Ling, Jiamin Xiang, Kai Chen, Junyao Zhang, and Hongyan Ren

~ Angeliki A. Rigos and Kevin Salemme

~ Esther S. Rösch and Silke Helmerdig

~ Simeen Sattar

~ Simeen Sattar and Robert J. Olsen

~ Bruce E. Kahn

Cyanotype was featured in the

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