So You Think You Can Demo

So You Think You Can Demo

is a fun and educational contest sponsored by ChemEd committee members to allow chemical educators to have a platform to share their best hands-on science demonstrations. We encourage all ChemEd 2015 attendees to submit a video showing off your most creative, informative and interesting chemistry demo. The deadline for submission of a demo video is April 30th.


The top 10 videos submitted (as selected by a panel of chemistry educators) will be posted on the ChemEd 2015 website during the month of May, along with demonstrators’ biographies. All ChemEd 2015 registrants will then have the opportunity to vote for their favorite videos. The top 3 finalists will be announced on the website on June 15. These three finalists will perform their demonstrations LIVE during ChemEd 2015 on the afternoon of Friday, July 31. Awards and prizes will be presented to the finalists at this time.


Guidelines for Video Submissions:

1. Demonstration should be clearly linked to high school chemistry curriculum standards.

2. Demonstrations should not utilize an open flame or produce vapors/fumes or loud impact noises.

3. Video and demo should emphasize safety.

4. Demonstration should be easily reproduced by other chemical educators, both in terms of procedure, available equipment, and cost.

5. Video should be no longer than 5 minutes.

6. A completed “So You Think You Can Demo” application, a brief written biography, and a clear and detailed written procedure must be submitted with the video.