Solutions with Kristen Vanderveen

text over laptop: Solutions with Kristen Vanderveen

Solutions are all around us in life and chemistry class! Solution chemistry is a topic that connects to many other topics covered in the high school classroom. On February 10th, 2022, Kristen Vanderveen shared her unit covering solutions in this ChemBasics Talk. You can view a recording of her presentation below and access materials she has suggested. 


Solutions with Kristen Vanderveen

ChemEd X ChemBasics Talk Recording: Edited video of Kristen's ChemBasics Talk - Solutions, ChemEd X Vimeo Channel (02/16/2022)


After the presentation, participants met as a group. This collaborative time is what makes a meeting like this much different than a typical webinar. It is a valuable opportunity to connect with other teachers and find and share new resources. To encourage sharing, this portion of the meeting is not recorded but teachers that attended the ChemBasics Talk have access to notes and links shared. 


Access to Shared Materials 

Kristen included a lot of information within her presentation. You can find links to all the resources she referenced within the slide deck below.

ChemBasics Talk: Solutions - Kristen's presentation slide deck. 


Headshot of Kristen Vanderveen

About the Presenter

Kristen Vanderveen has taught every level of chemistry, including honors and AP Chemistry, at The Bromfield School in Harvard, MA since 2004. Before joining the Bromfield faculty she also taught at Dana Hall School (Wellesley, MA) and Arlington High School (Arlington, MA). She earned her Bachelor's degree in Chemistry and German from SUNY Binghamton (now Binghamton University) and then her MS and Ph.D. degrees in biophysical chemistry from the University of Rochester, where she also did postdoctoral research. In her classroom, she enjoys implementing a variety of student-centered instructional approaches. She is currently the president of the New England Association of Chemistry Teachers (NEACT). She was recognized as the 2016 Massachusetts Secondary Chemistry Teacher of the Year by the New England Institute of Industrial Chemists.


Join us!

We hope you will watch the schedule and register to attend an upcoming ChemEd X ChemBasics Talk! After the presentation, we have a variety of breakout rooms before coming back together for a follow up discussion. Participants are sent notes and resources from group discussions that aren't shared more publicly. Attendance certificates are sent as well. 

To find the schedule of future ChemEd X ChemBasics Talks as well as more recordings of previous Talks, see ChemEd X Talks, ChemBasics Talks - Schedule and Recordings.