Chemistree Holiday

My ChemClub students came to my room for a holiday celebration today. We made a batch of sea foam candy, experimented with Elephant Toothpaste, and marbled gift tags.

Ammonia Fountain

When water is squeezed into an inverted flask containing ammonia, the ammonia dissolves in the water and the reduced pressure causes a fountain effect.

Conductimetric Titration - Demonstration

As a barium hydroxide solution is added to a sulfuric acid solution, the solution's conductivity gradually decreases. When the acid is consumed, the conductivity approaches zero, then rises again as more base is added.

Organic Acid Solubility: Step 1 of 3

Extraction of an acid with a base using a separatory funnel is demonstrated. In this initial step, the aqueous and organic solvents along with an indicator are added to the funnel.

Copper penny with concentrated nitric acid

The reaction of a copper penny (minted pre-1982) and concentrated nitric acid (15 M) is shown. Red-brown nitrogen dioxide is generated and some of the copper dissolves to form a blue solution of copper(II) nitrate.