Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day 2020

moles celebrating with sign text: 50th Earth Day!

Co-authored by Michelle DeWitt and Nicole Marlow. 

During the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, celebrate CCEW 2020 April 19-25 with the theme, “Protecting Our Planet through Chemistry.”

The American Chemical Society (ACS) focuses on how chemists continue to promote a better world through recycling plastics, cleaner burning fuels, phosphate-free detergents, environmental monitoring and green chemistry initiatives. ACS has established the Chemists Celebrate Earth Week (CCEW) campaign which allows chemistry enthusiasts to celebrate the importance of taking care of the earth through chemistry. Learn more about ACS and the impacts and events of the group by going to www.acs.org/ccew.

Make sure to check out the themed Educational Resources where you’ll find content on the earth and how chemistry impacts it. There are ideas for all grade levels.


If you’re interested in planning an event, consider hosting an ACS-sponsored Great Global Clean-up event and join people all around the world in cleaning the earth and recycling trash. To find an event near you, contact your local CCEW coordinator and get involved. Another event that ACS takes part in is the Illustrated Poem Contest which is designed for K-12 students.

Find Your Local CCEW Coordinator - Look up by zipcode or state

Ways to Talk about the Campaign - Visit this page to find a long list of suggested talking points including official statements from the ACS Pressroom that you can cut and paste into your own promotions. Advocacy and Communication Tools are provided.

Use these hashtags when sharing on social media: #CCEW   #EarthDay2020   #GreatGlobalCleanup   #GreenChemistry

RSVP for the CCEW campaign on Facebook.

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Earth Day / CCEW
April 18, 2020, 11:01 pm to April 25, 2020, 10:59 pm