Werner and Jørgensen Bond Theory

Opening screen from Werner Jørgensen

This simulation begins in the period around 1870 when chemistry is beginning to be organized. The concept, introduced by Kekulé and Couper, of tetravalent carbon atoms capable of linking to each other has permitted the rise of structural concepts in organic chemistry.

Two years ago, Michael Morgan contributed an independent study on coordination compounds using Werner Jørgenson Bond Theory and Evolution of Bond Theory. Michael has recently updated this activity, AP Chemistry Post-Exam Activity: Coordination Compounds & Complex Ions. ChemEd X thanks Michael for his contribution describing how he has used two of our products.

Until June 17, 2017 these two titles are made available without subscription so that you may readily consider adopting these actvities for your own classroom. To access the free version (no different from the subscriber only version), use the links below. And remember to thank Michael by commenting at his blog about your experience using his contribution.


David M. Whisnant and Laura Yindra