April 2016 ChemEd X Newsletter

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The end of the school year is approaching and I am trying to find a balance between covering the remaining material for mastery and getting to every topic that I have left in my curriculum. This is a good time for me to stop and reflect on how the year has gone and take some notes for next year, put together my orders for supplies and chemicals, and decide what goals I want to pursue for summer development opportunities. I hope you can fit in some time to do the same.

“Chance favors the prepared mind.” Louis Pasteur 

Hoping you join me in celebrating our shared Earth on April 22nd and beyond.

Deanna Cullen



Use Your Smartphone as an "Absorption Spectrophotometer" -  A smartphone can be used in a remarkably simple and inexpensive way to teach your students about absorption spectroscopy and Beer’s Law. In short, light reflected off colored construction paper is passed through a sample and detected by an RGB application on a smartphone. 


What do you do for AP Chemistry review? - It is review season for AP chemistry. Check out some resources to add to your toolbox of review materials and strategies. 


An Unexpected Source of Inquiry-Based Lab Practicals - Explore this fabulous resource for exam practicals and see an example of what you can do with them in your classroom. These will add interest and inquiry to any chemistry class, but may be an excellent example of incorporating some extra AP exam review as well.


Using the Talk Science Primer in a Chemistry Classroom - Looking for a resource to support discussions in your classroom? This resource offers "Talk Moves" to help you get your students to engage in communicating science.


JCE 93.04 April 2016 Issue Highlights - Mary Saecker outlines the contents of the April 2016 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education with many articles related to Earth Day and also makes connections to valuable resources from the archives of JCE.

Especially JCE: April 2016 - 

Erica Jacobsen contributes highlights from the April 2016 issue of JCE that are of special interest to high school teachers.



Four Ways to Fight Spring Fever - Don't miss this post if you are looking for ideas for adding some interest to your lessons. You will certainly find some resources that will help you to liven up your lessons for second semester as well as first semester next school year.


AACT GOVERNING Board Elections 2016 - Voting for positions on the AACT governing board is open for members. If you are not a member, you might consider joining this new and growing community of K-12 chemistry teachers.


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