August 2015 ChemEd X Newsletter

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Dear ChemEd X Readers,

I have been travelling and meeting teachers at recent conferences. It is inspiring to spend time with teachers that are passionate about chemistry education. Sharing at conferences is an excellent way to collaborate, but I also encourage you to consider sharing your expertise with the ChemEd X community for continued interaction. Our motto at ChemEd X is "Change by Xchange" and I can attest that every time I reflect on my practice and share, I grow as a teacher and a professional. There are many ways to contribute. Not sure how to get started? Read our Call for Contributions. Still have questions? Contact the ChemEd X administration.

Wishing you a tremendous school year!

Deanna Cullen


Lab Report Feedback

Many of us have difficulty finding the time to provide adequate feedback on student lab reports. Lowell Thomson explains how he uses Drawboard PDF on a tablet to efficiently provide good feedback for his students.

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backwards planning preview image

Backwards Planning Your PBL Unit

Tracy Schloemer shares how she planned an entire project based unit.


My First Day Demonstration

Excite your students with a demonstration on the first day of school! Michael Morgan shares the demo he has used for many years.

first day demo preview image


chemical mystery preview image

Chemical Mystery #5 - Burning Water

Do you need a sub plan or are you looking for an opportunity to engage in discussion or have your students write about history, ethics and chemistry? This 35 minute docudrama may be what you are looking for. Activities and resources are provided in the links. Ready for the solution? Check out Tom's solution.


Journal of Chemical Education August 2015 - Using Models and Modeling to Teach

Mary provides highlights of the August 2015 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education along with suggestions for related articles from previous issues. This month, you will find articles from two recent ChemEd X authors, Larry Dukerich and Greg Rushton along with my editorial about Modeling Instruction. 

JCE August 2015 issue cover


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