July 2022 Xchange

The July 2022 Xchange highlights some of the contributions that have recently been published on ChemEd X. We hope you will take a moment to check in and see what you may have missed. 


ChemEd X 2022 Reader Survey

Our ChemEd X team is looking for feedback from readers to assist in planning future content and professional development for our ChemEd X community. Our goal is to provide you with meaningful and quality content that best fits your needs. 


Thermochemistry Interactive Notebook Unit

Nora Walsh shares the outline of the interactive notebook pages she uses for her thermochemistry unit. All of the documents and foldables are available for download.  

Don't miss our next ChemEd X Talk: Integrating Interactive Notebooks into chemistry courses! Nora will share tips and advice for integrating interactive notebooks into chemistry lessons. She will share both general and specific tips on everything from organizing your classroom for notebooking to how to plan layouts, general and specific ideas for input and output, and some ideas on grading/scoring interactive notebooks. Join us on July 11th, 2022!  


ChemEd X Talk: Using a Digital Interactive Notebook in the Chemistry Classroom

Digital notebooking is a dynamic process that integrates different learning experiences to challenge and reinforce student understanding. This method actively engages students in a manner that encourages discussion and collaboration. We hope you will join us on July 14th at 8pm EST to learn how Sarah English uses digital notebooks with her students. 


Seawater Chemistry and Global Trade- Part 2

This is the second blog post describing a classroom activity relating seawater chemistry to oceanic shipping. Included are questions that challenge students to apply conclusions drawn from observations to making predictions.  

Also see Seawater Chemistry and Global Trade: Part 3 and Seawater Chemistry and Global Trade: Part 4.


Identifying Unknowns: Intermolecular Forces and Properties

In this lab, students are presented with nine unknown substances. By performing a series of tests, analyzing chemical structures, and applying their understanding of how intermolecular forces affect the properties of a substance, students will ultimately determine the identity of each unknown.


Spreadsheets, Instant Grading and Feedback during Lab

Here is a great way to use spreadsheets to both collect student data and provide instant feedback during labs with quantitative data.


Why every student should take chemistry: An astrophysicist’s perspective

Student: "Why do I have to take this chemistry class?" Heard it before, perhaps numerous times right? Let's see what an astrophysicist has to say about this ubiquitous student question.


Getting to Know Chad Husting

Chad Husting is a self proclaimed science nerd who loves helping kids figure things out. He has been a Lead Contributor for ChemEd X since 2017. With the hope of helping readers get to know him better, we asked him a series of questions. Check out his responses.


ChemEd X Call for Contributions

ChemEd X invites practitioners in the chemical education community to share their experiences, knowledge and the resources they use in their classroom and laboratory.

text: ChemEd X Call for Contributions

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