March 2016 ChemEd X Newsletter

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Dear Readers,

I have the opportunity to meet many hard working chemistry teachers around the country. We have a tremendous group of talented, dedicated and enthusiastic colleagues. I enjoy having the chance to interact and collaborate while adding to my network. Unfortunately, I find more often than not, that teachers lack confidence. I often ask teachers to share their ideas at ChemEd X or in the Journal of Chemical Education. Sometimes, the hesitation is related to the busy schedule of a teacher, and I get that. But, often times, I find out the teacher feels like an imposter. I want to know...who IS that PERFECT teacher (the NON-imposter)? We are all different. We each have our strengths and weaknesses. We have to trust in our strengths and continue to work on the weakness. If we all collaborate by sharing our strengths we become a stronger team. You will find the weaknesses diminish. If you are already sharing, please continue. If you are not, I hope you will challenge yourself to contribute through presentations at conferences, writing articles for publication or even just adding to group discussion on our website or through social media. If you would like to participate in conversations on ChemEd X, you just need to be logged in. If you submit a comment, they are moderated to keep discussions on point. There may be a short delay before the comment is published. 

Deanna Cullen


cover JCE Special Issue Chemical Information

Journal of Chemical Education March 2016 Issue

JCE 93.03—March Issue Highlights

Journal of Chemical Education Special Issue: Chemical Information - Mary Saecker outlines the contents of this themed issue and also makes connections to valuable resources from the archives of JCE.

Especially JCE – March 2016

Erica Jacobsen contributes highlights from the March 2016 Special Issue of JCE that are of special interest to high school teachers.


tarnished and untarnished silver plates

Using Chemistry to Find That Silver Lining

Tom Kuntzleman brings a fresh look to a classic Journal of Chemical Education Classroom Activity: #25 Silver to Black – and Back. As is his habit, he provides a couple of helpful videos within the post. 


Albert Einstein

Even Einstein Struggled: Effects of Learning about Great Scientists’ Struggles on High School Students’ Motivation to Learn Science

Michelle Okroy shares her review of a recent article from the Journal of Educational Psychology that describes a study suggesting that students explore the struggles of scientists along with their successes. 


First Year AP Chemistry … Enough Said

Allison Tarvin is a first year AP Chemistry teacher in Georgia. She is very busy preparing for the course, but takes the time to share some of the resources that she has found useful.


Atom Builder App

Recent PICKS

Chemistry In Its Element – Podcast series

These short clips provide descriptions of every element.

Building Atoms: One App at a Time 

Doug reviews several tech resources for teaching atomic structure.

Toward roads that de-ice themselves 

An interesting read about a product that may be a better choice than the salts we use now to fight the danger of icy roads.


Quick & Easy Lab Practicals

Check out these interesting resources for adding real data analysis to pen and paper assignments.


BCCE 2016 home page

BCCE 2016

Early Registration for BCCE now open! BCCE 2016 will be held at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, CO. The conference will take place July 31through August 4, 2016. High school teachers can register at a discounted rate of $186.



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