March 2023 Xchange

The March 2023 Xchange highlights just some of the contributions that have recently been published on ChemEd X. We hope you will take a moment to check in and see what you may have missed. 


As an advanced language model trained by OpenAI, ChatGPT has the potential to revolutionize the way you teach chemistry. In this blog post, Josh Kenney and Ben Meacham explore 10 ways that ChatGPT can make teaching chemistry easier and more engaging for both you and your students.


The new edition of “POGIL Activities for AP Chemistry” is on track to be released next winter. Get a sneak peak of the new activities and improvements that have been incorporated into the new edition. We will start with a brief description of what POGIL pedagogy is, and how it can improve your classroom. Then, everyone will have an opportunity to try out a brand new AP Chemistry POGIL activity from the student perspective. Register to join us!


Diffusion of HCl(g) from concentrated solutions of HCl can be used to illustrate some chemistry related to the train accident in Ohio.


In a classic demonstration of energy conservation, smashing two large steel ball bearings generates sufficient heat to burn a hole through a piece of paper. Josh Kenney found this demonstration underwhelming because the paper doesn't look burned. So, he upgraded the experiment by covering the paper in Elmer's Color Changing Glue. Now, a spectacular color change reveals the increase in heat!


This activity is an interesting way to engage students before formally beginning the study of Thermochemistry. Students experiment and compare the use of 1% milk and half & half cream in coffee.


Highlighting this previously published post from June 2017 - Students will be engaged in this activity that will help them make the connection between food and chemistry. Acid, bases and pH are addressed.


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