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Dear Readers,

October offers a lot of excitement for the chemistry classroom! We have National Chemistry Week AND Mole Day! We also have our own excitement here at ChemEd X! Since Greg Rushton and I transitioned into the Journal of Chemical Education community as precollege associate editors, one comment we have heard many times from high school teachers is that they have missed the “Especially For High School” column that was featured for many years in every issue. We are happy to announce that Erica Jacobsen, who authored most of those columns during her tenure as the precollege editor, has agreed to bring the feature back! Hosting the column at ChemEd X provides a much more interactive and dynamic platform for exploring all that the Journal of Chemical Education has to offer. I hope that you will enjoy the return and I encourage you to offer your own comments about each issue.

Happy Mole Day!

Deanna Cullen


Especially JCE – October 2015

Read the first installment of the return of “JCE Especially For Precollege”. Former JCE precollege editor, Erica Jacobsen offers her comments about the October 2015 issue. In JCE’s Especially Returns Erica offers her thoughts on bringing this feature to ChemEd X.

JCE 92.10 October 2015 Issue Highlights

Mary Saecker reviews the entire October 2015 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education. She also offers related articles and activities from the archives. 

Journal of Chemical Education October 2015 issue cover


Cheap distillation apparatus

Thank You, “Lady from Texas”!

Chad attended ChemEd 2015 and brought home a fantastic distillation activity. Watch the video to feel comfortable trying this in your own classroom.


The Gas Laws Are Out Of This World

Your students will love this activity exploring gas laws! You might choose to just show the video OR you might use the information to launch your own weather balloon.

science camp launches a weather balloon to the edge of space!


sugar and water before and after

Bell Ringers for Conservation of Mass

A teacher new to Modeling Instruction pulled together some bell ringers to use during Unit 1. These would fit in any curriculum when discussing conservation of mass.


Veritasium in the Modeling Classroom

Erica, an experienced Modeler, outlines her use of Veritasium videos in her Modeling Chemistry classroom by unit.

veratasium element symbol


inquiry gears

What’s Inquiry Got To Do With It?

Michelle Okroy contributes comments about inquiry and how it fits into her curriculum and educational philosophy.


Real World Application: Drain Cleaners – Should We Use Them?

Take a look at what drain cleaners are made of and how they work. It is always important to provide real world applications for students.

plunger in sink


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