September 2016 ChemEd X Newsletter


Dear Readers,

We published a Call for Contributions related to Big Ideas and Making Connections last spring and you can now find the submissions to that Call published at ChemEd X. You might be interested in reading Tom Kuntzleman's of the posts. Many of us are continuing to revamp our K-12 curriculum for science and still making decisions about what our chemistry courses will look like with NGSS. ChemEd X will continue to accept submissions related to Big Ideas and other topics related to NGSS as we move forward.




Emeric Schultz developed nine "big ideas" in chemistry while he was still teaching in Pennsylvania and included them in a text that he wrote before retiring. Looking back on those ideas, he expands them for our community to consider as we consider Big Ideas in Science and crosscutting concepts.


Chad Hustings offers his experience of tackling the Big Idea of Matter and its Interactions. He explains how he struggled to find meaning for his students and makes suggestions for incorporating strategies into your own curriculum.


Michelle Okroy offers a review of "What Professional Development Strategies are Needed for Successful Implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards" written by Brian J Reiser. Science departments may wish to read this guide together.


Dan Meyer's and his science department are working on redesigning their district's science curriculum in light of their state's acceptance of a modified version of NGSS. Dan shares some of the highlights of their discussions around considerations for professional development and decisions about assessments. He even offers a sample unit plan that encompasses the the ideas surrounding NGSS.


Erica Jacobsen shares highlights of the September 2016 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education that are of special interest to the high school community.


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