Fall 2014 ChemEd X Newsletter

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For our U.S. readers, this newsletter marks the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year. Summer has come to an end and teachers are adjusting to another year. We hope you will find ChemEd X to be a valuable resource and source of inspiration. Consider sharing your own ideas at ChemEd X. We will happily accept your manuscript to be reviewed by our team of high school and college chemistry teachers.

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Best Wishes for a productive school year!

Cheers, Deanna Cullen


- We need to continue to get the word out to fellow chemistry teachers about the dangers of using flammables.


- Erica Adams discusses an activity that helps build a collaborative culture among students.


– Kristin Gregory shares how teachers collaborated using Twitter to share their Build a Boat experiences.


– Doug Ragan invites you to join this collaborative project designed to engage students in a celebration of the mole.


- Tom Kuntzleman offers an activity in honor of National Chemistry Week. The theme is “The Sweet Side of Chemistry—Candy”. If you think you know the answer to the mystery, check out the solution.


– Doug Ragan’s most recent tech tip is a review of The Atomic Dashboard.


– Emily Bones, Education Resource Specialist for the American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT), announces the official launch of the AACT website.


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