October 2013 ChemEd X Newsletter

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Thank you for registering at Chemical Education Xchange (ChemEd X)! This is our first newsletter written for registered users of the site. We hope to strengthen the community of chemistry educators by providing learning resources and forums for discussion and collaboration. We have many projects in the works that we are excited to share with you as ChemEd X grows. We will be rolling out our Facebook page, uploading activities linked to NGSS, highlighting ACS Conant Awardees, and much more. We plan to send out quarterly newsletters to keep you up to date with our progress.


We hope you enjoyed Mole Day, October 23rd!

Tell us about the Mole Day and National Chemistry Week activities you did with your students by commenting on Sarah's blog.

See Sarah Kong's blog for Mole Day resources and get a jump on next year.

Moles of the Year, 2009
Doug Ragan

Doug Ragan is our resident chemistry teacher techie. Take a look at what he has to say about apps that he uses in his classroom.

Doug’s most recent post


Tom Kuntzelman has wowed us with his videos. I recently read an article in JCE that I thought was interesting, but I did not consider trying the demonstration in my own classroom. After watching Tom’s video and hearing his tips and suggestions, I tried it and loved it! You have to check it out!

Tom’s blog with video of Electrolytic Dissolution of Copper Metal

Electrolytic Dissolution of Copper Metal
Homogeneous solutions activity using phET resoucres

Trish Loeblein has been a team member for phET for many years and she has shared some activities with us combining phET Interactive Simulations, hands-on experiments, and clicker questions that relate macroscopic and molecular representations of solutions.

See Trish’s most recent post.


Get a head start on your holiday shopping! Hal Harris’s “Picks” is a great resource for gift-giving ideas for both science lovers and general readers.

Hal Harris’s Picks

Hal Harris
JCE cover October 2013

Check out highlights from the most recent issue of JCE that were specifically chosen with chemistry teachers in mind.

Highlights from the October Issue of JCE


ChemEd X would like to hear your comments and suggestions for the site.

Leave a comment on Deanna Cullen's suggestion box post.

ChemEd X suggestion box

Chemical Education Xchange is requesting chemistry educators as well as others working in the discipline to submit ideas, articles, activities, and laboratories for publication. See the article.