Can You Spot the Real Outlier? by Eileen Pollack

Why is it that there are so few women, and especially women faculty members in the physical sciences, engineering, and mathematics? Eileen Pollack argues that, even in the enlightened year of 2013, there remains conscious and unconscious bias against women in these fields, even by women faculty members.  She cites an interesting study done at Yale last year that provides evidence for her claim, but I found the most compelling parts of her article to be the insights of successful women physicists, and mathematicians (including Pollack herself, who earned the second BS in physics awarded to a female at Yale in 1978). How did those who completed degrees manage to succeed where so many peers failed, and why do so many of them (including Pollack) not even try to earn tenure in a physical science or mathematics department? Quotations and anecdotes bring the question to life and give each of us something to ponder.

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Monday, October 7, 2013