Chem 101 is a FREE (for a limited time) app for any apple or android device designed to improve engagement in college chemistry courses. Although the intended audience is college level, there are modules appropriate for high school as well. Students can use the app to practice on their own, or instructors can create in-class or at home assignments. Topics included in the app are:

  • Simple Lewis Structures
  • Structures with Multiple Central Elements
  • Formal Charge and Polyatomic Ions
  • Exceptions to the Octet Rule
  • Resonance Structures
  • Electron Domain and Molecular Geometries
  • Hybridization
  • Sigma and Pi Bonds
  • Molecular Polarity
  • Conceptual Questions

The interface is user friendly, with fluid graphics and in app tools to help students visualize the relationship between Lewis structures and molecular shape. According to Justin Weinberg, CEO of 101:

• Chem101 was used by 2,000 students across 8 schools in Fall 2016 including Carnegie Mellon, Columbia University, and the University of Cincinnati.

• 40% of students said using Chem101 made them more interested in chemistry after using the product for just 2-3 weeks of the curriculum

• 77% said they preferred Chem101 over existing course tools, i.e. clickers

• Students who learned Lewis structures using Chem101 performed up to 200% better compared to those who used traditional learning tools (based on pre and post-semester testing)

I’m very excited to start using this in my classroom.  Learn more and download the app from  


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Chem101:  Classroom Engagement Tools Build for Chemistry Students

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Sunday, February 12, 2017