The Joy of Teaching and Writing Conceptual Physics

Paul Hewitt may be the best-known physics teacher in the US. Not only has he written outstanding books for the teaching of physics and physical science, he is also the author of the very popular monthly "Figuring Physics" column of The Physics Teacher. I personally love the challenge of the monthly puzzles and Hewitt's feature is the first thing I read in every issue and freely admit that I don't always get them right. It used to be that the solutions were found later in the same issue, but recently they have begun to appear online at the TPT website ( In the October issue, Professor Hewitt describes his trajectory as a teacher on the fortieth anniversary of his classic bookConceptual Physics, now in its eleventh edition. As with other great teachers, he makes it look and sound easy. Best of all, his methods of developing instructional materials to teach concepts, based on the written responses of students in his classes. I am delighted that the AAPT has made this article freely available to non-subscribers, as most teachers of chemistry are likely to be. Be sure to click on the hyperlink above and spend a few minutes being inspired by one of the best teachers of our time.

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Paul G. Hewitt

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Saturday, January 1, 2011