KWIPPED is a highly efficient, no-cost resource for chemistry teachers looking to rent equipment for projects. If you need to source equipment that is too expensive to buy, is a great way to find short or long-term rentals that will fit your budget. 

KWIPPED works in two ways: The first is to choose and rent specific products listed under the “RENT NOW” option. The second is to request quotes from the KWIPPED supplier network.  Requesting quotes allows you to receive and compare quotes from multiple suppliers with a single request, then choose the quote that best fits your needs.

An example scenario: Say you decide to do a short-term project with your students that requires a microscope you cannot afford to buy. Or, you would like to rent a professional microscope for an AP chemistry class demonstration. 

By using the KWIPPED platform, you can rent the microscope right away through the RENT NOW feature, or submit a rental request for the microscope in just a few clicks. If you request quotes, KWIPPED suppliers are automatically notified of your request, and those that can meet your rental criteria will send you quotes.

Once you see a quote that fits your budget, you simply accept the quote by signing an online rental agreement that establishes the terms between the renter and you or your school. Upon acceptance, the supplier ships the equipment to you, and at the end of term, you ship it back.

KWIPPED registration is free and enables users to source, lab equipment without having to research multiple sites. Users also have the ability to view supplier profiles and communicate with them before deciding which quote to choose. Pricing is typically very competitive because KWIPPED suppliers are competing for your business; plus many suppliers refurbish and maintain used equipment. You have the ability to view the company's profile and speak with them before deciding which quote to choose. 


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Tuesday, June 9, 2015