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Most would agree that the last year and a half has been difficult beyond measure. Teachers and students faced difficulties of a worldwide pandemic and most received a crash course in all things technology. Although I am thrilled to be going back face to face there are some new technology tricks that I will probably keep. One of these is called ¨Rocketbook¨.

Rocketbook is billed as ¨The last notebook you will ever buy¨. In short, that statement could very well be true. A Rocketbook consists of a notebook of specialized paper. A teacher or student can write on the paper with a Frixion pen. These pens are widely available and not very expensive. A person scans the Rocketbook page with the Rocketbook app. This converts it into multiple formats of your choice. The app sends the scanned image directly to the cloud based storage of your choice. A person can erase the page by wiping with a moist towel and start over with new notes.

Many of my students have used a Rocketbook. Rarely has there been a problem with the scanning, notebooks or technology. Rocketbook has also developed ¨Beacons¨. Rocketbook Beacons turn a whiteboard into a scannable image. Students would work on a problem in class on the board and want to save their work. One quick scan with the Rocketbook app and it was saved as a PDF and sent to their own files.

Another clever use of the Rocketbook is that a person can make a GIF of a series of scans. Below are two quick examples of GIF´s made with a Rocketbook. These can be used to show problem solving steps or particulate models actually moving.

I have personally road tested the Rocketbook products for the two years and have found them to be effective, efficient and a good product for the price. You may want to consider a Rocketbook as a new tool in your technology bag of tricks.


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Rocketbook Technology

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Wednesday, July 28, 2021