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Journal of Chemical Education April 2015 Cover

Chemists Celebrate Earth Day

The is now available online for subscribers.  This issue features articles on in honor of . Also featured in this issue are: ; ; ; ; and ; .

Cover: Dry Ice in Water

When dry ice is placed in water a thick, white fog forms that is reminiscent of miniature atmospheric clouds. In contrast to what is commonly assumed, this this rich, cloudy fog does not arise from condensation of atmospheric water vapor. In , Thomas S. Kuntzleman, Nathan Ford, Jin-Hwan No, and Mark E. Ott present strikingly simple experiments that provide insight into the origin of the water in this fog and also some basic physicochemical processes involved in its formation. Many of these experiments can be carried out using materials found at the pharmacy, grocery store, or hardware store. The explanations involved draw from many concepts taught in general chemistry, such as vapor pressure and Le Châtelier’s principle.

Atmospheric and Environmental Chemistry 

Editorial Atmopheric scientists, Vicki H. Grassian and Elizabeth A. Stone, discuss  and provide supplementary materials to help teach climate science in a "Chemistry and Climate Activity Kit".

Commentary  ~ Craig J. Donahue

Book Review  ~ Cherie Turner

Chemical Education Research  ~ Ashley N. Versprille and Marcy H. Towns


~ Katherine B. Aubrecht, Linda Padwa, Xiaoqi Shen, Gloria Bazargan

~ Sarah A. Saslow Gomez, Danielle Faurie-Wisniewski, Arlen Parsa, Jeff Spitz, Jennifer Amdur Spitz, Nancy C. Loeb, Franz M. Geiger

Activity  ~ L. Caetano-Silva, A. G. Allen, M. L. A. M. Campos, A. A. Cardoso

Demonstration  ~ Bozhidar I. Stefanov, Delphine Lebrun, Andreas Mattsson, Claes G. Granqvist, Lars Österlund

Laboratory Experiments

~Sophie Bendall, Max Birdsall-Wilson, Rhodri Jenkins, Y.M. John Chew, Christopher J. Chuck

~ Alla Bailey, Lisa Andrews, Ameya Khot, Lea Rubin, Jun Young, Thomas D. Allston, Gerald A. Takacs

~ André J. Simpson, Perry J. Mitchell, Hussain Masoom, Yalda Liaghati Mobarhan, Antonio Adamo, Andrew P. Dicks

~ Kathleen E. Kristian, Scott Friedbauer, Donika Kabashi, Kristen M. Ferencz, Jennifer C. Barajas, Kelly O’Brien

~ Peter Döhlert, Maik Weidauer, Raphael Peifer, Stephan Kohl, Stephan Enthaler

~ Julian M. W. Chan, Xiangyi Zhang, Megan K. Brennan, Haritz Sardon, Amanda C. Engler, Courtney H. Fox, Curtis W. Frank, Robert M. Waymouth, James L. Hedrick

~ Shikha Amin, Ashley Barnes, Courtney Buckner, Jordan Jones, Mattie Monroe, Leon Nurmomade, Taylor Pinto, Samuel Starkey, Brian M. Agee, David J. Crouse, Daniel J. Swartling

Microfluidic Devices and Micromaterials in the Laboratory

 ~ Bo Wang, Zhiqiang Lin, Min Wang

 ~ Myra T. Koesdjojo, Sumate Pengpumkiat, Yuanyuan Wu, Anukul Boonloed, Daniel Huynh, Thomas P. Remcho, Vincent T. Remcho

~ Z. Vivian Feng, Kate R. Edelman, Benjamin P. Swanson

~ Basant Giri, Ravichander R. Peesara, Naoki Yanagisawa, Debashis Dutta

~ Adam Hoffman and Ken Turner

Problem-Solving Strategies

Article  ~ Chandan Adhikary, Sibananda Sana, and K.N. Chattopadhyay

Chemical Education Research  ~ Ya’akov (Kobi) Gal, Oriel Uzan, Robert Belford, Michael Karabinos, David Yaron

Information Literacy

~ Ignacio J. Ferrer-Vinent, Margaret Bruehl, Denise Pan, Galin L. Jones

~ Bonnie J. M. Swoger and Eric Helms

Kinetics & Thermodynamics

 ~ William B. Jensen

~ Garrhett Via, Chelsey Williams, Raymond Dudek, John Dudek

 ~ Omar A. El Seoud, Paula D. Galgano, Elizabeth P. G. Arêas, Jamille M. Moraes

~ Lee J. Silverberg  and Lionel M. Raff

~ Sangyoub Lee, Kyusup Lee, Jiyon Lee

Δ ~ G. M. Anderson

Laboratory Experiments To Study Gases

~ Rui P. P. L. Ribeiro, Ricardo J. S. Silva, Isabel A. A. C. Esteves, José P. B. Mota

~ Karen Sinclair Molek, Karl A. Reyes, Brandon A. Burnette, Jacob R. Stepherson

Organic Chemistry Investigations

~ Brian J. Esselman and Nicholas J. Hill

~ Xiao-Yang Chen, Li-Sen Sun, Xiang Gao, Xing-Wen Sun

 ~ Jacob Barrett, Ariana Spentzos, Carmen Works

From the Archives: Outreach

Using peer or near-peer mentors can be an effective way to do science outreach, as discussed in the article: ~ Michael D. Pluth, Shannon W. Boettcher, George V. Nazin, Ann L. Greenaway, and Matthew D. Hartle. In past issues of the Journal, examples of high school students teaching younger students about science include:

~ Amy Huseth

~ James Swim

~ Laura M. Wally, Nancy E. Levinger, and David W. Grainger

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