JCE 92.11—November 2015 Issue Highlights

Journal of Chemical Education November 2015 Cover

Educational Opportunities and Challenges

The November 2015 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education is now available to subscribers. Topics featured in this issue include: materials science; polymer chemistry activities; green chemistry; biochemistry in the laboratory;  research on student attitudes and the transition from high school to college chemistry; assessment; computer-based learning and computations; from the archives: chemistry YouTube videos.

Cover: Bubble Rafts

Bubble rafts illustrate the structure of both crystalline and amorphous materials, providing a striking analogy to recent research results on atomic-scale network structures. Thus, bubble rafts are ideally suited to study the complex structure of the everyday material, glass. Students produce soap bubble networks and develop statistical descriptions of the interface between crystalline and amorphous domains in the lab exercises presented in by Kristen M. Burson, Philomena Schlexer, Christin Büchner, Leonid Lichtenstein, Markus Heyde, and Hans-Joachim Freund.  Additional articles on materials science are highlighted below.


Close to one-quarter of the U.S. population is an immigrant or the child of an immigrant. In the editorial , Donald J. Wink outlines how chemistry educators have the opportunity to address this group in four important ways: (i) by considering pedagogical, systematic, and content responses to working with immigrant students; (ii) educating for international connections; (iii) including new countries and cultures in educational content; and (iv) working with undocumented students.


~ Kristin A. Olsson , Meena M. Balgopal , Nancy E. Levinger

Materials Science

Visualizing and Modeling

~ Reuben Hudson, Alexandra Bishop, Samuel Glaisher, and Jeffrey L. Katz

~ Jacqueline Y. Kao, Min-Han Yang, and Chi-Young Lee

~ Vincent F. Scalfani, C. Heath Turner, Paul A. Rupar, Alexander H. Jenkins, and Jason E. Bara

~ Philip P. Rodenbough, William B. Vanti, and Siu-Wai Chan

Laboratory Expermients

~ Yi Pan, Yue Ru Li, Yu Zhao, and Daniel L. Akins

~ Robert M. Jacobberger, Rushad Machhi, Jennifer Wroblewski, Ben Taylor, Anne Lynn Gillian-Daniel, and Michael S. Arnold

~ Wesley C. Sanders

~ Adriana Popa, Eric C. Abenojar, Adam Vianna, Czarina Y. A. Buenviaje, Jiahua Yang, Cherrie B. Pascual, and Anna Cristina S. Samia

~ Guido Panzarasa

~ Akila G. Karunanayake, Sameera R. Gunatilake, Fathima S. Ameer, Manuel Gadogbe, Laura Smith, Deb Mlsna, and Dongmao Zhang

~ Muthupandian Ashokkumar and Sambandam Anandan

Polymer Chemistry Activities

~ Naho Isokawa, Kazuki Fueda, Korin Miyagawa, and Kenichi Kanno

~ Kendra A. Erk, Morgan Rhein, Matthew J. Krafcik, and Sophie Ydstie

~Reuben Hudson, Samuel Glaisher, Alexandra Bishop, and Jeffrey L. Katz

Green Chemistry

~ John Andraos , Andrei Hent

~ John Andraos , Andrei Hent

Demonstration ~ Bastien Néel, Catia Cardoso, Didier Perret, and Eric Bakker

Laboratory Experiment ~ Rodolfo F. Gómez-Biagi and Andrew P. Dicks

~ Stephen L. Bearne

Biochemistry in the Laboratory

~ Lauren A. Levine, Matthew Junker, Myranda Stark, and Dustin Greenleaf

~ Eric S. Sales and Gustavo P. Silveira

~ Cheenou Her, Aaron P. Alonzo, Justin Y. Vang, Ernesto Torres, and V. V. Krishnan

Chemical Education Research: Student Attitudes and the Transition from High School to College Chemistry

~ Sara E. Nielsen and Ellen Yezierski

~ Mark S. Cracolice and Brittany D. Busby


~ Alexandra Brandriet, Jessica J. Reed, and Thomas Holme

~ Li Ye, Razanne Oueini, and Scott E. Lewis (recently featured as a

~ Michelle Richards-Babb, Reagan Curtis, Zornitsa Georgieva, and John H. Penn

Computer-Based Learning and Computations

~ Samuel J. Rubin and Binyomin Abrams

~ Jeffery D. Mottishaw, Adam R. Erck, Jordan H. Kramer, Haoran Sun, and Miles Koppang

~ Gabriele Orsini

~ James D. Gaynor, Anna M. Wetterer, Rea M. Cochran, Edward J. Valente, and Steven G. Mayer

~ Karsten Theis

From the Archives: Chemistry YouTube Videos

In , Gidget C. Tay and Kimberly D. Edwards use dance videos posted on YouTube to teach fundamental ideas in chemistry. Creating and using videos is a powerful way to share ideas, and some addition recent articles using YouTube as part of this exchange include:

~ David K. Smith

~ Joseph Lichter

~ Lucille Benedict and Harry E. Pence

~ Annaliese K. Franz

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