JCE 92.12—December 2015 Issue Highlights

Journal of Chemical Education December 2015

JCE 92.12—December 2015 Issue Highlights

Best Practices in Chemistry Education

The December 2015 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education, available to subscribers, features articles on: learning in the laboratory; understanding structure–property relationships; using ACS exams data; inquiry- and problem-based learning; foundation-level instruction; teaching physical chemistry; examining protein structure; interdisciplinary laboratory experiments; from the archives: chemistry and toys.


In , Norbert J. Pienta highlights content from Volume 92 (2015) of the Journal of Chemical Education and acknowledges contributors to the Journal.

Cover: Learning in the Laboratory

Students in a large lecture course earned a digital pipetting badge after creating individual videos in which they successfully demonstrated how to use a 10 mL pipet to dispense liquid. The objective of this digital badging approach is to improve student hands-on laboratory skills in the undergraduate chemistry laboratory. Digital badging is a form of assessment that allows students greater choice in determining what is presented to demonstrate proficiency and provides direct evidence of the meaningful application of knowledge, as well as allowing students to incorporate instructor feedback while gaining mastery. Digital badging offers a novel and innovative way to assess laboratory skills. In , Marcy Towns, Cynthia J. Harwood, M. Brooke Robertshaw, Jason Fish, and Kevin O’Shea discuss how this digital badge has significantly improved students’ hands-on laboratory skills as assessed by observations, student surveys, and test item results.  Additional articles on research on learning in the laboratory can be found in this issue:

~ Brittland K. DeKorver and Marcy H. Towns

~ Kelli R. Galloway and Stacey Lowery Bretz

~ Kelli R. Galloway and Stacey Lowery Bretz

Understanding Structure–Property Relationships

 ~ Steven Cullipher and Hannah Sevian

~ Kimberly Heisterkamp and Vicente Talanquer

 ~ Leah C. Williams, Sonia M. Underwood, Michael W. Klymkowsky, and Melanie M. Cooper

Using Data from ACS Exams

Commentary:  ~ David B. Smithrud and Allan R. Pinhas

~ Alexandra Brandriet and Thomas Holme

~ Alexandra Brandriet and Thomas Holme

Inquiry- and Problem-Based Learning

 ~ Andrew Adams, Weston Jessup, Brett A. Criswell, Consuelo Weaver-High, and Gregory T. Rushton

 ~ Stina Jansson, Hanna Söderström, Patrik L. Andersson, and Malin L. Nording

 ~Anne Mirich, Trisha Hoette Miller, Elsbeth Klotz, and Bruce Mattson

 ~ Jiahai Ma

 ~ Molly L. Hulien, Jonathan W. Lekse, Kimberly A. Rosmus, Kasey P. Devlin, Jennifer R. Glenn, Stephen D. Wisneski, Peter Wildfong, Charles H. Lake, Joseph H. MacNeil, and Jennifer A. Aitken

Foundation-Level Instruction

~ Chris P. Schaller, Kate J. Graham, Brian J. Johnson, T. Nicholas Jones, and Edward J. McIntee

~ Kathleen E. Kristian

Teaching Physical Chemistry


~ Klaus Schmidt-Rohr

~ J. Pablo Tomba

Quantum Chemistry

~ Danil S. Kaliakin, Ryan R. Zaari, and Sergey A. Varganov

~ Michael J. Robertson and William L. Jorgensen

~ Nicholas F. Polizzi and David N. Beratan

 ~ Victoria S. Jackson and Darren L. Williams

Laboratory Experiements

~ Jeffrey J. Schwinefus, Caleb Checkal, Brian Saksa, Nadia Baka, Kalpit Modi, and Carlos Rivera

~ Vladimir L. Kolesnichenko

Examining Protein Structure

~ Hazel. R. Corradi

~ Scott C. Meyer

~ Edward J. McIntee, Kate J. Graham, Edward C. Colosky, and Henry V. Jakubowski

~Megan K. M. Young and Theodore J. Gries

Interdisciplinary Laboratory Experiments

~ Yana A. Lyon, Adrienne A. Roberts, and David R. McMillin

~ Heidi L. van de Wouw, Juan Chamorro, Michael Quintero, and Rebekka S. Klausen

~ Katherine A. Bussey, Annie R. Cavalier, Jennifer R. Connell, Margaret E. Mraz, Ashley S. Holderread, Kayode D. Oshin, and Tomislav Pintauer

~ Ryan M. Bain, Christopher J. Pulliam, Shannon A. Raab, and R. Graham Cooks

From the Archives: Chemistry and Toys

This issue of the Journal of Chemical Education marks 92 rich years of providing useful materials for chemical educators. As we look to 2016, we wish you a happy new year filled with many opportunities to enjoy chemistry, such as these articles on chemistry-related toys:

~ Erica K. Jacobsen

~ Arlyne. M. (Mickey) Sarquis and Jerry L. Sarquis

~ Sandy Van Natta, Rebecca Knipp, and John P. Williams

~ Erica K. Jacobsen

~ Bettie Obi Johnson and Henry Van Milligan

 ~ Thomas S. Kuntzleman

~ Jacqueline Y. Kao, Min-Han Yang, and Chi-Young Lee

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