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Journal of Chemical Education February 2016 Cover

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The February 2016 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education is now available to subscribers. Topics featured in this issue include: metal–organic cage & host–guest interactions; safety; innovative teaching approaches; understanding kinetics; computer-based instruction; activities combining ethics and analysis; “play with your food” laboratories; synthesis and analysis in the laboratory; fluorescence-based experiments; chemical education research; mining the archives: copper.

Cover: Metal–Organic Cage & Host–Guest Interactions

Four commercial reagents, mixed in D2O at room temperature, spontaneously form a tetrahedral cage for direct NMR analysis without workup or purification. This self-assembled structure encapsulates small, nonpolar molecules and is held together by dynamic C=N and N→Fe bonds. In , Eun Bin Go, Veerasak Srisuknimit, Stephanie L. Cheng, and David A. Vosburg describe an advanced laboratory experiment for undergraduates to create the cage and explore its host–guest chemistry by 1H and DOSY NMR. After this laboratory experience, students effectively related organic chemistry with molecular self-assembly, supramolecular chemistry, and host–guest interactions. Additional labs in the issue about host–guest interactions are:

~ Stefan L. Debbert, Bradley D. Hoh, and David J. Dulak

~ Lida Khalafi, Samira Kashani, and Javad Karimi


Safety is always a concern in the chemistry classroom and lab. In their commentary, Ira O. Staehle, Tim S. Chung, Antoine Stopin, Geeta S. Vadehra, Scott I. Hsieh, James H. Gibson, and Miguel A. Garcia-Garibay discuss . Some additional JCE safety resources in past issues include:

William C. Penker and Harry J. Elston

~ Peter J. Alaimo, Joseph M. Langenhan, Martha J. Tanner, and Scott M. Ferrenberg

Innovative Teaching Approaches

~ Brian J. De La Franier, Jenny Diep, Perry J. C. Menzies, Barbora Morra, Katherine J. Koroluk, and Andrew P. Dicks

~ Jason K. Pontrello

~ Michael G. Campbell, Tamara M. Powers, and Shao-Liang Zheng

Understanding Kinetics

~ Julie B. Ealy

~ Simon J. Meek, Catherine L. Pitman, and Alexander J. M. Miller

Computer-Based Instruction

~ Daniela R. Silva, Patrícia N. Hübler, Gabriela Perry, Marlise Bock Santos, Mara Lúcia Fernandes Carneiro, andJ. C. Del Pino

~ Nathan T. Wright

~ Claudio Garino, Alessio Terenzi, Giampaolo Barone, and Luca Salassa

~ Tierney C. Miller, John N. Richardson, and Jeb S. Kegerreis

~ Dale E. Moore, David R. Goode, Caryn S. Seney, and Jennifer M. Boatwright

~ Péter Erdélyi and Róbert Rajkó

Activities Combining Ethics and Analysis

~ Elizabeth J. Megonigal

~ Stephen M. Contakes

“Play with Your Food” Laboratories

~ Antonio R. Campos, Cassandra M. Knutson, Theodore R. Knutson, Abbie R. Mozzetti, Christy L. Haynes, and R. Lee Penn

~ Michael Simurdiak, Olushola Olukoga, and Kirk Hedberg

~ Thayssa da S. F. Fagundes, Karen Danielle B. Dutra, Carlos Magno R. Ribeiro, Rosângela de A. Epifanio, andAlessandra L. Valverde

~ Alyssa L. Pirinelli, Jonathan C. Trinidad, and Nicola L. B. Pohl

~ Sarah E. Erhart, Robert M. McCarrick, Gary A. Lorigan, and Ellen J. Yezierski

~ Brett R. Bodsgard, Nathan R. Lien, and Quinlyn T. Waulters

Synthesis and Analysis in the Laboratory

~ Ryan M. Bain, Christopher J. Pulliam, Shannon A. Raab, and R. Graham Cooks

~ Shane M. Wilkinson, Timothy M. Sheedy, and Elizabeth J. New

~ Masood Ahmad Rizvi, Yuvraj Dangat, Tahir Shams, and Khaliquz Zaman Khan

Fluorescence-Based Experiments

~ Xiaofeng Ma, Rui Sun, Jinghui Cheng, Jiaoyan Liu, Fei Gou, Haifeng Xiang, and Xiangge Zhou

~ Katherine A. Hicks

~ Yogitha Pazhani, Abigail E. Horn, Lizbeth Grado, and Jennifer F. Kugel

Chemical Education Research

~ Kelli R. Galloway, Zoebedeh Malakpa, and Stacey Lowery Bretz

~ Jordan Harshman and Ellen Yezierski

~ Abdi-Rizak M. Warfa

Mining the Archives: Copper

In their laboratory experiment, Iain A. Smellie, Ross S. Forgan, Claire Brodie, Jack S. Gavine, Leanne Harris, Daniel Houston, Andrew D. Hoyland, Rory P. McCaughan, Andrew J. Miller, Liam Wilson, and Fiona M. Woodhall describe . Copper has been featured in many articles in the Journal, including this collection of demonstrations and activities from past issues:

~ Cris E. Johnson, Gordon T. Yee, and Jeannine E. Eddleton

~ Anne C. Gaquere-Parker, N. Allie Doles, and Cass D. Parker

~ Sally D. Solomon, Susan A. Rutkowsky, Megan L. Mahon, and Erica M. Halpern

~ Robert D. Pike

~ Maja Nikoloska and Vladimir M. Petruševski

~ Laurence D. Rosenhein

~ Nicholas C. Thomas and Stephen Faulk

~ Isao Ikemoto and Kouichi Saitou

~ Ilia A. Guzei

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