Whiteboarding in a Virtual Classroom with Melissa Hemling

text: Whiteboarding in a Virtual Classroom with Melissa Hemling

On January 26, 2021, Melissa Hemling presented a ChemEd X Talk about “whiteboarding” in a hybrid or virtual classroom. Students collaborate in small groups on classkick.com to digitally analyze data, create and modify models, and/or complete practice problems. Melissa shares how she uses the digital whiteboards to gauge student understanding and pinpoint misconceptions like she did pre-COVID.

ChemEd X Talk Recording: Edited video of Melissa's ChemEd X Talk. ChemEd X Vimeo Channel (1/27/2021)


You will find Melissa's Google Slides and her Classkick Whiteboarding Templates (Google Document links or PDF versions) that were shared in the presentation in the Supporting Information at the conclusion of the post (please log into your ChemEd X account to access). 

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Melissa mentioned many resources for whiteboarding and Classkick in her presentation. The links are also listed here for your convenience.

Whiteboarding Strategies (1/26/2014) & Simple Activities to Integrate Particle-Level Diagrams (10/20/2014) by Erica Posthuma on ChemEd X 

App Review - Classkick by Doug Ragan on ChemEd X, published 4/22/2016

Classkick Crash Course on Matt Bergman's YouTube Channel (accessed 1/26/2021)

What is Modeling Instruction? on Bozeman Science's YouTube Channel (accessed 1/26/2021)

CER - Claim Evidence Reasoning on Bozeman Science's YouTube Channel (accessed 1/26/2021)

Quick How-To Videos on Classkick's YouTube Channel (accessed 1/26/2021)

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About Melissa

Melissa teaches high school chemistry in Wisconsin. She is an accomplished professional and was honored with the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching in 2009. You can read about her Journey to National Board Certification on ChemEd X. Melissa is passionate about inquiry, POGILModeling and project-based learning. We are lucky to have her as a Lead Contributor for ChemEd X. Check out Melissa's ChemEd X blog.