2016 BCCE

I am sitting in Greeley Colorado. It is the first day of the 2016 BCCE. Time to get my learn on! I have spent the last week pouring over the schedule and deciding what I want to attend and a huge problem has developed. I am double booked almost every day! This is not poor planning on the part of the conference(in fact the schedule looks really well thought out to me) it is that there is still too much I want to learn about.

I must admit I can’t pass up a few of the more high profile speakers. The plenary sessions with three Conant Award winners is high on my list and the symposium in honor of George Bodner’s 70th birthday are very appealing. But in addition, I am truly interested in learning as much about Modeling Instruction as I can. There are just too many sessions to choose from.

I also have another small conflict that arises. I work with university kids often and want to attend a few of the sessions targeted to the college folks. In years past many people have said that BCCE is college oriented and leaves little for high school teachers. That is not the case anymore. There are plenty of things to keep this high school teacher busy every day this week.

I will also spend some time at the ChemEdX booth in the exhibit hall this week so if you are one of regular readers come by and say hi.