Find us at BCCE 2016

ChemEd X swag

If you are attending BCCE 2016 in Colorado, I hope you will stop by our booth, chat for a bit and pick up a gift while supplies last. You can find us at BOOTH #33, right next to the Journal of Chemical Education booth.

Booth Schedule

Sunday 7-9pm - Opening night

Monday 9:30am-6:30pm   

Doug Ragan 9:30am - 12:30pm

Michael Morgan 12pm - 3pm

Tracy Schloemer 12pm - 3pm

Tuesday 9am-3pm

Chad Husting 9am - 12pm

Erica Posthuma-Adams 12pm - 3pm


I will be the presider of the Views from the Classrooms of Award Winning Chemistry Teachers symposium (S57) on Tuesday 1:30 - 4:30pm featuring presentations by many inspiring and award winning high school teachers. McKee L0152

Jon Holmes and I are hosting a workshop, ChemEd X Professional Learning Community (W20) on Wednesday afternoon 1:30 - 4:30pm. Ross 2261. Attendees should confirm they are able to log into their account at ChemEd 

You can also attend sessions presented by several of our ChemEd X lead contributors:

Sunday - 1:55-2:15pm - Tom Kuntzleman will present Investigations on the Diet Coke/Mentos Experiment (58a), McKee 0425.

Monday - Doug Ragan (4:25-4:45pm) Projects my high school students love and Tracy Schloemer (5:05pm-5:25pm) Facilitating long-term student inquiry in a first year chemistry course present during the PrOGeCTeS symposium.

Tuesday - 1:55-2:15pm - Michael Morgan will present Chem in the Hood during the Views from the Classrooms of Award Winning Chemistry Teachers symposium. McKee L0152

Wednesday - 3:50pm-4:10pm - Greg Rushton and Deanna Cullen present Who Needs a Spec-20? Using smartphones to teach about solutions for introductory chemistry courses. Ross L1040.

Wednesday - 3:50pm-4:10pm - Michael Morgan presents A potpourri of ideas from 28 years in a classroom (S61b). McKee L0152.

Thursday - Doug Ragan (10:30am-10:50am) Formative assessments are only formative if you do something with it, and Erica Posthuma-Adams (10:50am-11:10am) Streamline data collection and communication in your classroom using Google forms present back to back in the symposium titled, The use of technology to enhance student learning. McKee L0152.

If you are attending, I hope to meet you! If you cannot attend this time, I expect you will enjoy highlights here, on our Facebook page and/or on Twitter @ChemEdX.