UPDATE on the World's Largest Periodic Table Event

trial run of building the table

We are working to collect all of the remaining elements by August 15th so they can be organized and packed up before the fall semester begins at GVSU. 95% of the elements are already organized and waiting to be opened up on October 19th! If you are participating and have not submitted your element, please ship it soon. If we will not receive it by August 15th, please reach out. Thank you to everyone that took an element at the end and has not had as much time to complete this. If you are mailing an element from far away (like India) please let me know when you sent it so, I can keep an eye out for it.

Figure 1: Practice run through setting up the table (no particular order of elements for trial run)

For all the people that helped to make (or are still working on an element) an element for the World's Largest Periodic Table, I have started a group sale for t-shirts & hoodies (see figure 2). There are quite a few options from which you can choose! You simply pay Custom Ink directly and then you can pay to have the shirts shipped directly to you (for a fee) or pick them up here at the GVSU Chemistry department or at the event. This is your chance to buy a hoodie or v-neck t-shirt, as we will not be giving those away! Sale closes August 26th.

ORDER HERE from Custom Ink

Figure 2: Participant Shirt

If you plan to volunteer October 19th for 3 or more hours you will be getting a T-Shirt for your efforts (see figure 3). There are still opportunities to volunteer to assemble the complete table at the event on Saturday, October 19th. Shifts are 9am-noon and noon-3pm. The later shift will be taking down the table.

Figure 3: Volunteer t-shirt 


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Thank you to all that have supported us so far! 

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