Pick - Adapting Assessment Tasks To Support Three-Dimensional Learning

The recently published article, Adapting Assessment Tasks To Support Three-Dimensional Learning, follows another JCE article,  (both articles are open access Editors' Choice articles). That first article compares how many teachers using Big Ideas to organize their curriculum may "drill-down" into a variety of smaller topics while the authors developed curriculum using core ideas to help students make connections and "build-up" their knowledge connected to the Big Idea as they make connections that add depth and breadth to their understanding.

This follow up article uses "the concept of three-dimensional (3D) learning, presented in A Framework for K-12 Science Education, to reconceptualize and develop assessment items that require students to integrate chemistry core ideas with scientific practices and crosscutting concepts." Recognizing the time and work required to write these new assessment questions, the authors suggest teachers rework many of the questions they are already using. Readers will find detailed steps to support the modification of their assessments by considering how to collect evidence about what students have learned and how they can use that information. 


Sonia M. Underwood, Lynmarie A. Posey, Deborah G. Herrington, Justin H. Carmel, and Melanie M. Cooper, Adapting Assessment Tasks To Support Three-Dimensional Learning, Journal of Chemical Education 2018 95 (2), 207-217

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