ChemEd X is separate from the Journal of Chemical EducationSubscription inquiries for the Journal of Chemical Education should be directed to Journal of Chemical Education subscriptions.

A subscription to ChemEd X provides critical support to sustain ChemEd X. Additionally, subscribers gain access to premium content such as our video library and online instructional materials (formerly JCE Web Software).

To subscribe to ChemEd X,

  • Use our convenient online store to select your subscription and pay using your credit/debit card.
  • Alternatively, use the subscription request form or email your address and the type of subscription desired to Once we have all of the information, you will receive an invoice and be set up as a subscriber.

Subscriptions to ChemEd X are offered on an annual basis. No multiple-year subscriptions are available.

Individual subscriptions start at $25 USD for faculty and staff and $15 for students.

Individual Subscription Rates
Four-year college, university faculty and staff  $50
Two-year college faculty and staff  $35
Precollege faculty and staff  $25
Students  $15
Others  $50

Institutional subscriptions are made available to the entire institution network using IP number authentication. All members of the institution can access ChemEd X premium content if using their institution's network or by proxy through the network (e.g., using VPN). Institutional subscriptions start at $150 USD for precollege institutions. 

Institution Subscription Rates
Four-year college, university $500
Two-year college $250
Precollege $150
Others $500