The Mole - The Charred Marshmallow Souffle Podcast

Tom's Charred Marshmallow Souffle Story


Tom Kuntzleman presented a story titled "Charred Marshmallow Souffle" during The Mole Storytelling Jam held as part of BCCE 2018. Tom is an Associate Professor of Chemistry at Spring Arbor University in Michigan. He is a former middle school teacher. And of course, he is an associate editor for ChemEd X. Enjoy listening to his story!

Tom wrote a blog post about the event and included a video of the Charred Marshmallow Souffle demonstration prior to the publication of this podcast. Check it out!

Read The Mole Storytelling Jam - An Interview with the Creators to learn more about the event. You will also find links to the other stories that were shared that night. 




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Maria Gallardo-Williams and I co-created and hosted the inaugural The Mole Storytelling Jam at BCCE 2018.

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Monday, September 3, 2018